Killer Review: Little Gone Girl by Alexandra Burt

*The Killer Review are reviews featured in my 'A Killer Season' feature, where I will be reviewing psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made about, declaring if they are worth the buy (or not)* Stay tuned for more posts.

Imagine This: In your heart you know you are not cut-out for having a baby. But then you have her, and the moment she's in your arms you know you'd do everything to protect her.

But you never thought once that She may never give you the chance to protect her. She's crying Day and Night. She's screaming at the top of her lungs. Doctors say it's colic, a few months tops and it will be gone.

But seven months later, she's still yelling more than ever. And now it turns out it's you she doesn't want, because your husband picks her up and she's OK.

You'll do anything to calm this baby. God, knows you do your best. She's just not into you.

So, one Day you wake up in a hospital after an accident. Your baby's missing. You are not like the mother screaming bloody murder, "Where the heck is my baby girl?" The police are doubting your story. Your husband is doubting your story. It doesn't take long for you to stop believing in you. And you are suddenly worrying, "What the heck have I done to my baby girl?"

The puzzling story of Estelle Paradise's baby's disappearance summarized for your delight.

My Review.

Beautiful storyline. Mother's baby goes missing. And she has no idea what happens to her child. How can anybody sneak into a locked house and steal your baby? Why the hell is this Mother having visions of herself scrubbing blood off every surface? A star!——

Normally when you read a psychological thriller, you know whose side to take. Obviously the grieving mother. But in this case, we can't trust our lead. We can only judge her because all evidence points against her. Which makes her a very unlikable heroine from the start. And don't we all love judging! A star to a lead who you can't figure out whether to love or hate!——

Like all psychological thrillers this book pays attention to detail. The writing is beautiful. All through the novel you are on the edge of your seat trying to untie the knots before the writer begins unraveling the plot, but you give up after all attempts and just sit through the unnerving suspense.——

From the above, you can deduce this novel is unpredictable—— and also highly suspenseful——.

I've read a few psychological thrillers, and most—bordering on all—of them have the biggest anti-climax that put me off them completely. Oh, this title is nothing like that. Expected danger comes. The treacherous circumstances you expect are fulfilled and you feel like the whole story wasn't a sham so as to build intensity for a very shallow resolution.——

That said, this book has an amazing denouement— which made for a Great ending—

So my rating:  Five/Five stars!

Little Gone Girl is available on Amazon with more raving reviews than mine to prove it's worth a buy.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start their new year reading something highly thrilling and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. Anyone who wants a psychological thriller that would keep them guessing and worrying and hating the lead right through the end should go grab this. If you want a novel, that bears a high resemblance to real life and all the chilling moments it describes can actually happen—because most psychological thrillers don't have this resemblance—to any mother, you should get this. 

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