Killer Review: The Other Child by Lucy Atkins

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My Synopsis 
Imagine This: You've been swept in a whirlwind romance. And suddenly you are moving from England to the states, with your son from another relationship, carrying a new baby as a sign of your new budding relationship with this hot-shot doctor.

But things in the Boston suburbs are not as they seem. For starters all the other kids hate your son for being having an accent. There are also creepy sounds of someone breaking and entering your new home. You are sure of this. Even though your husband who's mostly away doesn't believe you. Then soon you begin receiving threatening notes and you really feel someone is around every corner watching you.

But of course, you have no idea what the main threat is.

Tess Gallo's life summed up for your delight. 

My Review  

I liked this book.

The storyline is good. It really gives this novel a domestic thriller feel being set in a suburb and all. And who doesn't love a storyline they can all relate to?——★

You'd sympathize with the main character. Her choices are questionable. Because who'd leave dreary London for sweltering Boston (with a man well into his forties who has never married). She's quite a nag though really. Always worrying and going on and on about the same things. But you'd get used to this character flaw. She's only seeking answers to puzzling questions even you can't wrap your head around. A star.——★★

Other characters you'd possibly fall in love with are the deranged, obsessed neighbour next-door Helena, and the best friend Nell back in London who can't help but give our lead more headaches with her persistent habit of going to Google for everything.——★★★ 

As I said, I liked this book. But heck, there were so many twists—it got so much I couldn't wrap my head around it. The blurb says, 'Then she makes a jaw-dropping discovery...' but frankly Tess makes too many jaw-dropping discoveries (that do not change the course of the story) its hard to tell which the writer means. I expected dark, and chilling but this title was nowhere intense as the Atkins' debut.

My rating:  A 3.5 stars.

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I recommend this book to anyone who wants a psychological thriller that shares close boundaries with a domestic thriller. Anyone who's in for a book in which they can't figure anything out—highly unpredictable—should go get this

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