Book Review: The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

I did enjoy this book so, so much! I'm highly recommending it for lovers of anything geriatric (hopefully, the term is not as demeaning and there are a lot of young at heart fans out there!). Check out my review on instagram:

"Another year and I still don't like old people. Me? I am eighty-three years old." 😀 Haha! The quote above! This book is just so quotable! It's funny! It's all kinds of humorous! I have never read something funny like this in a while. It documents the life of Hendrik Groen, his diaries, full of heart, full of charm, and an expose of what goes on inside the walls of an old people's home! Hendrik's almost ninety and he's not mastered the art of cantankerousness, unlike all his contemporaries! There's Evert, the friend behind the goldfish murders, Eejfe the nicer old Lady our main character has a crush on (—Yes, stand the risk of your parents falling in love when you've locked them up!), Mrs Stewalgen the director whose known to abuse the seniors in the home (—you'll find lots of startling statistics on bullying seniors at  homes). It's very hilarious! With people from the dementia unit getting lost and found! It's what you get when you decide to pick up a book on old people and more. Lots of philosophies from the old on how to live, lots of gibes against policy-makers who make laws affecting finance of their children so the children do not visit as much! All through it's soulful as well, you'll find it gutting that contrary to popular belief old people have heart and all the exposure in the media these days are all very crippling, says Hendrik 😞😙 GO GET THIS BOOK! 5★ 😀 #hendrikgroen #old #pension #pensioners #bookstagram #funny #humor #bookporn #bookish #bibliophile #bookworm #malemodel #Ghana #africanman #actionhero #jamesbond #gorgeous #black #fashion #mensuits #jackets #menwhoread #readingissexy #menreading
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