Killer Review: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

*The Killer Review is part of my 'A Killer Season' feature where I review psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made to judge them worth a read (or not)*


My Synopsis 
Imagine This: On one rainy morning you are about to board the train, then you see one lonely girl standing in the pouring rain. Clutching a baby to her chest.

You think about this girl all day. From her rag clothes to how she stared on defiantly in the rain, not willing to put her and her baby out of their misery.

It's all you can think about all night when you get home. There's this pang in your chest intensifying along with thoughts that she may not be so older than your daughter who's only twelve. 

There's no one to tell, even your husband because he wouldn't care. Your best friend is too black-and-white to think adopting her is the best solution. 

Ha! Adopting her! Of course, you are not really taking things that seriously. Yes, as a worker to a charitable org that sees to poor people, you are bound to have some compassion. But still, taking her in would just be too strange/weird a thing to do. It's not like she's your niece or something. 

Then one morning, upon walking by her in the pouring rain again, you can't help but proffer your card.

Of course, this rare little act of kindness would come at a price you never expected.

Heidi's life about to implode summarized for your delight. 

I loved this book.

Brilliant storyline. It's a thought most of us, the few ones with hearts, battle with on a daily basis: allowing that bum outside your apartment building spend one night or two, with hopes of allowing them experience a hot shower and perhaps a three-square meal. But of course, we are always cautious who we want to invite in our home. Even if they are not killers, would they wipe your house of all its furniture before morning? A star. Always beautiful when a psychological thriller allows for a storyline we can all relate to.—★

Great job with the main characters! This novel is narrated by three characters with peculiar traits that are depicted through their narrative voices. There's our main lead, Heidi, who's compassionate to a fault. There's Chris, her husband who's contemplating on a little adultery because it's hard to be loyal when you return from work and gaze at your wife looking a mess. There's also the immature Willow, the girl who's picked up from the streets with her baby.—★★ 

You should love the plot complications in this title. It's one of those novels you are not to trust any of the main characters because they might surprise you!—★★★

Psychological Thriller authors love to tease! Mary Kubica is one of these league of authors, withholding information that would make you guess how everything unravels, providing snippets of information when she deems it important, and penning each sentence wrought with so much suspense you are uncomfortably bothered throughout the novel. A star.—★★★★

I didn't jump up on board for Kubica's debut. So I can't tell if this is an improvement or not. But judging it as a standalone, I assure you it's worth all the praise!

My Rating: Four-point-Five out of Five stars!

Mary Kubica's Pretty Baby is available on Amazon along with her debut. 

I recommend this read to anyone who wants a thriller with a Killer—because all the best killers are unsuspecting. Anyone who wants a title dark, and twisty enough to hold their attention and enough to keep them from nodding off at night, should go grab this. Not that you want to miss out on important hours of sleep if you want to age neatly.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads as well as Amazon.  

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