Month of Love Review: Not That Easy by Randika Sanghani

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My Synopsis 

Imagine This: You hold an unpaid internship in a publication where your Evil Boss asks you for nothing but tea runs.

You have recently moved into a shared-appartment you can't afford with your friends. And everyday, it takes a mountain to convince your mum you need money to pay your rent (and cook the greek foods she's so passionate about you eating).

Your romantic life is not getting any better after the guy who poked your virginity run off leaving your VJ suffering from a case chlamydia.

But who cares about romance? Maybe you don't. Because you've decided to fuck your way through London marking the points in which you orgasm.

But apparently, orgasming is not so easy at all. All the men you keep seeing can't reach your spot. But perhaps, what if, you don't have a spot to begin with...

Then your boss decides to exploit your dating/sexing life for the benefit of the magazine.

Ellie Kolstakis' elusive g-spot summarized for your delight.

My Review 

I liked this book.

Not so unique storyline as we've seen lots of this stuff in so many commercial titles. But this is fun all the same. Girl plans to enjoy as much sex as she can, because really, who wants to fall in love in their twenties these days. A star to the storyline.—★

You'd love Ellie's voice. Not laugh out loud funny, but you'd be kept smiling for most of the time. Her exploits are equally hilarious and so are her views on sex, relationships and crushes. A star.—★★

Other cast you'd adore are Emma, the friend and roomie who considers slut as an empowerment term—she'd high-five you if you call her one. You'd also love Lara, she's super-interested in this guy who won't take her serious, so she's showing him in her own special way she won't take him seriously too. There's also Maxine, the Evil Boss.—★★★ 

Well, for most part of the novel, I couldn't figure out who Ellie would end up with (or the last person she's going to have sex with). So you could call this unpredictable.—★★★★

My rating: Four out of five stars.

It's Not That Easy is available on Amazon

I recommend it to anyone who loves their chick-lit down, dirty and funny.

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Killer Review: Shapeshifters by Stefan Spjut

*The Killer Review feature is from my blog feature, A Killer Season, reviewing psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made, rendering them must-buys (or not)*

Blurb: Summer 1978. A young boy disappears without a trace from a summer cabin. His mother claims that he was carried away by a giant. He is never found.

Twenty-five years later, another child goes missing. This time there’s a lead, a single photograph taken by Susso Myren. She has devoted her life to the search for trolls, legendary giants known as stallo who can control human thoughts and assume animal form. Convinced that trolls are real, she follows the trail of missing children to northern Sweden. But humans, some part stallo themselves, have been watching over the creatures for generations, and this hidden society of protectors won’t hesitate to close its deadly ranks.

My Review 

I loved this book.

The storyline! I have never read into any sci-fi genre before because... I think we all know this already... IMAGINARY CREATURES CAN'T BE REAL LIFE! But What if you are made to believe trolls exist in a relatable storyline. After all, you can never be so sure if there's an OTHER WORLD and the forces that exist in them. What if really giants roam this earth unseen? What if we consider the situation that sometimes missing people who can no longer be found no matter how much search have disappeared off the face of the earth? And what if we knew this, that in fact someone (we loved) was kidnapped by a "giant", but no one would believe us? What if? A star to the storyline!—★

You'd love the main characters. You'd love Susso, the daughter heavily invested in the search for trolls and other unnamed creatures Science can't spot. You'd love Gudrun, Susso's mother who tells her story in a first-point of view predicting doom before it's already happened.—★★

I also loved this book because of the amazing writing. Goes to show good writers can persuade you into taking their sides no matter how far-fetched the ideas they propound seem. Put an unbelievable situation in good writing and everyone might just believe what you put across. A star—★★★

Incredible suspense. This books gives the killers their point of view, so you have to just sit tight and wait for when they'd implement their plans. That's unnerving and deserves a star—★★★★

I know this book didn't emphasize on romance, but I believe some of the romantic scenes could have just not been rushed through. I would have loved to see some chemistry between Susso and her ex to feel they may have once been in love but now they are just together looking for trolls.

My rating: Four stars.

Shapeshifters by Stefan Spjut is available on Amazon. Just go get it.

I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to be swayed by a writer that sometimes kidnappers/killers may not be humans. IF suspense is your thing, well, go get this. If you also want good writing, you are such a snub about works that do not have literary excellence, just turn your snubby attention to this.

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Blog Tour+ Review: Just Haven't Met You Yet by Cate Woods


My Synopsis 

Imagine This: You don't have the most inspiring job, but you have the world's adorable boss. You have an amazing network of friends who you can get thrashed with on a friday night. And you have a boyfriend.

He's just your boyfriend. He has no special, surprising traits although he's so caring and likes one too many lint-free sweaters. He's just... nice, and kind. And he's asked you to move in. But... err... But nothing! You guess you'd move in with him then.

So when a company approaches you claiming they have the world's best match systems and can pair you with your soulmate... you begin to wonder if your safe, surprise-free boyfriend (whom your parents adore) could be your soulmate. I mean, if you were with your soulmate already why would this company approach you? Cutting edge technology can't go wrong, right?

Except you didn't see the twist coming. 

Percy James' romantic-life summarized for your delight. 

I loved this book! Don't be fooled. The storyline doesn't seem unique: Girl wonders if her boyfriend is her soulmate. But it has a surprising, delicious twist (—way before you read half of it!) that would keep you laughing, spewing your wine, opening your mouth for a few more minutes, before continuing to read a book that ceases to be ordinary chicklit and becomes something different! A star to the storyline.—★

Yay! You'd adore Percy James! OMG, her voice! She's so funny! You wouldn't be able to keep your jaws from shaking just reading her POV. Thank God its written in first-person so you get to read only her marvellous narrative and no one else's. You'd love her interest in exotic activities, how much like the rest of us she keeps updating her CV to suit popular interests—not interests/hobbies tried per se! Brill! A star.—★★

You won't be able to put this book down if you are a sucker for great  characters! There's Mel, the work colleague who's been in a relationship with Micheal Buble for, like, forever and doesn't think Percy is suited with her boyfriend. There's also Lou, Charlie and Jaye, the three friends since childhood who represent our lead's besties! There's Maggie, our lead's grandmother who dares to play Single Ladies on the day of her wedding (with a younger tattooed man!). There's also Percy's mother who just won't stop meddling. Lots and lots of brilliant characters whom I can't mention. A star.—★★★

You read in so many commercial titles out there that they are such a fun, feel-good, LOL read when most of them are... not so much funny as they claim and you only find witty and funny lines done-before. Well, this book is not one of those! So, yes, this deserves a star!—★★★★

I'm not saying the twist saved this book. Yeah, it was amazing the twist came in. But with or without it, this book would have still been amazing! Plus that one twist sure isn't the end of twists so more reason to go grab this unpredictable title—★★★★★

My rating:  Obviously a five out of five stars!

Just Haven't Met You Yet is available on Amazon. Just go get it and thank me later!

I recommend this book to anyone who just... wants their first funniest read of 2016! Anyone who's been looking for a lead to relate to should just go grab this title. And if you feel like you are the kind no author can knock you off your seat with a twist... well, you are so shallow-thinking... you should go get this!

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Blog Tour: Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley

BLURB: A powerful story of love and loss from internationally bestselling author Tamara McKinley.

So this is Paris, she thought in awe. Spread out before her beneath a clear blue sky, it was like a precious gift after the smog and filth of London. No wonder it was called the city of love . . .
After a spiteful rumour ruins her career in London, Annabelle Blake must travel to Paris to start afresh. There she makes the acquaintance of Etienne and Henri - one a poet, the other a painter - both charming, talented and handsome. They spend their days flirting and drinking with the city's artistes and Bohemians, and soon Annabelle too is swept up in the exotic and exhilarating world of 1930s Paris. But as ever more young people are drawn to the fight against Fascism in Spain, Annabelle must wake from the dream and confront the reality of war. A lifetime later, gifted artist Eugenie Ashton falls in love with Paris the moment she sets foot outside the Gare de Lyon. Like her mother Annabelle before her, the artistic delights of the city are a bright new world to her: but Eugenie will soon find that in its shadows are hidden the secrets of her family's past.

My Review.

I liked this book.

Some authors make reading historical effortless and Tamara McKinley has to be one of them. Good storyline for a novel. Paris, a Spanish war, love with a twist of secrets. A star to the storyline.—★ 

The main character Anabelle is someone you'd love! From warzones to battles of the heart, you'd be rooting for her character all through. It helps that her point-of-view has this contemporary fiction bite to it.—★★ 

The locations are enchanting. A nice historical to help you lose your self in Paris 1930s and the warzones of Spanish lands. Tamara Mckinley gives the setting loads of character.—★★

Speaking of characters, I had some all-time faves! There was Aline who reads ... like one of those (cuckoo) psychics waving the giant sleeves of their tunics to beckon you in to their strange homes (—albeit a psychic you love!). You'd also love Henri and Etienne (—So much), two French boys who play a larger part in convincing Anabelle to go for war and one succeeding in conquering her heart. A star to these and all the other superb characters I can't mention (including one obnoxious, bad tempered Parrot).—★★★

The mystery!—★★★★

Echoes From Afar is available on Amazon. Get your copy!

I recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good historical (or not!). Anyone who can't drop reading books about 20th Century Paris (without many tourists) would love this. Plus, if you are a fan of Tamara McKinley, I don't believe this is the novel that would get her disappointing you.

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Killer Review: The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

*The Killer Reviews are part of my "A Killer Season" feature reviewing psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made rendering them 'a must-buy' (or not!)*.

Imagine This: You are woken up from your drunken stupor to the sounds of sirens approaching your suburb.

But of course, it can't be any serious crime, because here at Ashby Lane the only serious crime one would do is gossip that another's brunch didn't go so well (which for extreme circumstances would lead to some competitive bickering and everyone becomes friends after one has got their favorite blouse ripped). 

So when the sirens stop over at your neighbour's house, and you find out a gurney is wheeling her dead into the ambulance, you are unusually perturbed. Of course, it's a rotten sight to see your next-door neighbour dead. Everyone in their right minds would be worried.

Except you are not in your right mind! You are not sure if its you who killed her.

Celia's mysterious death and Dana's worry she may have offed her neighbour summarized for your delight.

My Review

I liked this book.

The storyline is great. Housewife unsure she killed her neighbour because this neighbour showed her a photo of her husband having an affair. I like thrillers that are a split between Domestic and psychological thrillers. Mostly the ones you can relate to.—★

Well, Dana is a nice lead to read about in the opening chapters of the novel. She seems so innocent and irritatingly perturbed about her killer until you realize perhaps she may have killed her neighbour as she's a wife on the verge of a nervous breakdown. —★★

Other characters like Glenda, the coffeeshop waitress who also doubles as Dana's friend offering her salient advice to keep her together would be loved. There's also Jack, the detective on the case who has a messed up family surprisingly connected to the murdered neighbour. There's also Peter, the husband who has adultery written all over him.—★★★

The opening chapters are filled with suspense. Reads like a CSI MIAMI episode—★★★★

But then you realize Dana's mental issue, then reading her POV becomes difficult and you are suddenly wishing she should be killed off so that the other characters can have your attention. What I mean is, the main character is someone you'd be rooting for before she stops making sense. 

My rating: Four stars.

The Pocket Wife is available on Amazon

I recommend it to anyone who wants their thrillers opening with a great premise. Anyone who also wants a thriller with a storyline that isn't hard to relate to should go for this. Anyone who wants a book who's killer they can't figure out because like How To Get Away With Murder all its characters should be guilty until proven innocent (even if they are not persons of interest!)

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