Chick-Lol Awards: Funniest Books Of 2013

It's amazing how you grab a book expecting to enjoy the storyline, but you end up snapping your jaw, breaking a(/some) rib(s) and muttering lots of obscenities you wouldn't even hear in hardcore stuff.

This year began my blogging journey. Having read the Kinsellas, the Keyes', the Strohmeyers and Evanovichs, I stated grimly—influenced by lots of laughs, of course and almost peeing my pants with one incident—"This pink stuff is the best genre in the world!"

I still hold that "assumption" (as my mystery-loving friend, Nana Ama puts it) today.

Humor is a big thing for me! I'd give Five stars to anything that would get me laughing at the opening stages. And this year, I discovered these must-read indie authors who would end you up (with several broken parts) at the hospital with bills your insurance can't cover (if you don't trust your insurance company, I mean it, 3.99 wouldn't be worth all the dilemma you'd bring upon yourself).

Funniest Book Number #K Just Add Spice by Carol E. Wyer.

Quote my review: ...A fantastic combination of torture and pleasure. Carol E. Wyer dazzles readers with Cinnamon's insatiable appetite to inflict pain on cheats whilst arousing readers' interest (and more) all the same...(more)

Funniest Line: "...No one has managed to track her down or interview her just yet. Mystery sells as much as sex it seems." commented Blake as he stacked up a pile of papers he had marked for the group.

"I bet she's over eighty years old and has a face like a slapped ass." said Craig.

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Funniest Book Number #c It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy by Quanie Miller.

Quote review: With such a memorable and hilarious debut, Quanie Miller has established herself as Queen of HoodChick-lit... (more)

Funniest line: Miserably forgot to include that in the review.

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Funniest Book Number #i Facebook Jeanie by Addison Westlake.

Quote review: Addison Westlake has delivered once more. Here's to humor, fantasy and beautiful chick-lit.... (more)

Funniest Line: Together they squealed.

“This is just like Bella and Edward!” Jeanie declared.

“Only Brad’s not a vampire, so it’s even better!” Clara squealed some more.

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Funniest Book Number #h Lying To Meet You By Anna Garner.

Quote review: This book is so(oo) New York, so(oo) Sex And The City. Only it's far more than thirty minutes. Well, unless you are a fast reader.... (more)

Funniest Line: “What are you doing with that Ethan, anyway?” William asks to my surprise, “I don’t mean to be offensive,” he says. “And he certainly seemed like a good guy, but he’s very Boy Next Door, isn’t he?”

Despite myself, I chuckle. “Three doors down, to be precise.”......

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Funniest Book Number #c How Hard Can It Be? By Robyn Peterman

Quote Review: OMG. With such an amazingly crazily, hilarious debut. How hard it would be for Robyn Peterman to fall off our Must-Read lists.... (more)

Funniest Line: Herbie run to my table on his tiny little dentist legs. "He's gay." Herbie informed me triumphantly.


"Yep"—he sucked in his gut and stood up taller—"but I am not." He waggled his eyebrows and grabbed his package.

It was all I could do not to gag-laugh. I closed my eyes and sucked in an enormous breath "That's wonderful... that you're not gay. I'm sure you will make an unsuspecting girl very unsettled someday, but here's the thing... I'm a lesbian. So while I'm fluttered by your outstanding posture, your acrobatic eyebrows, and your crotch handling, I prefer vaginas."

"Really?" Herbie asked dejectedly.

"Really," I assured him.

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There you have it, books to put kickstart your new year with laughoutloudiness.

So Happy New Year's Eve Folks! Have the best of New Years.

Big Thanks to all the authors that have made this blog as big as it now, especially Tracie Banister! Love you to broken pieces! Thanks so much for all the recommendation behind my back. Same to Anna Garner, Samantha Stroh Bailey and Meredith Schorr. And each and every author that respected my views.

Also, so sorry for all those authors I couldn't review this year. Stupid college came up. But hopefully next year, it will all be good.

Till Next year, see you soon.

Signing off,



Mangdays: Skip Beat Volume 2: Who Is Obsessed

Blurb/Summary: Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

How exactly did this happen? Me, chicklit fanatic, turning into chickmanga fanatic. Skip Beat can do that to you.

Some weeks back, I posted the review of Volume one. Promising I'd stay glued to posting my adventures.

So Volume 2 was as equally exciting. At the end of volume one, we see Kyoko giving up on showbiz and admitting her failure. Volume 2 brings her back with a new banging attitude. She's more determined. More emotionally stable than first and looking to make showbiz cry like a girl.

Anyway, she gets back into LME productions, and the President now taking a liking to her has developed a new section for people without talent. Listen to this, so ridiculous, the LoveMe section. Info about the details are more shocking. People in the LoveMe section are to seek attention to themselves and be loved by everyone. Warning: That's my interpretation of the section description. You'd think of it as a socialite thingy, all the brouhaha about the three idiots. But it's not as glamorous. Actual boot-licking B.S would be done on high-profile celebs just to get them endorse you.

Though Kyoko is aware she's missing a fundamental emotion. The LoveMe emotion, she's willing to try.

Kyoko begging the Prez for a chance into the newly discovered section

The section worms her through super-bitchy divas in the business. One veteran actress who at any point on time needs her luggage carried at the flick of her fingers. And another super-annoying pop-star who for some reason thinks she's snow-white herself and wouldn't want to terminate her career by walking in the sun. More like the Dracula, if you'd ask me.

Kyoko experiencing the wrath of Veteran actress for dropping her luggage
Kyoko losing it as she carries the annoying pop-star

Meanwhile, Kyoko tries hard to control her temper. She still has anger-management issues and it takes the angel in her to fiercely combat this demonic side to keep her stable. For when she's loose, it's like she's got the Mad Cow.

Kyoko being carried by famous Ren after being abandoned by pop-star girl when injured.

Readers are entertained when this pop-star fails to play a role in a movie, and for her jealousy everyone is caring about Kyoko (mainly the lead co-star, the popular Ren) who's been worked so hard by her and has even injured a leg, challenges are lead girl to take the role out of annoyance. Without hesitation Kyoko steps up to the challenge.

Riyuku Chan, annoying pop-star putting up the challenge.

So eager to see if she nails the role in volume 3.

Read volume 2 for free here To make your reading experience better, you can download Mango, the manga reading app for android/blackberry.


Festive Book Review: Divine Moves By Ellyn Oaksmith

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Blurb: A colorful grandma, a daughter in denial, an angry granddaughter. Welcome to the family.

With her marriage on the rocks, Meryl thinks life can't get any worse -- until her mother shows up. Faye, a former stripper and born again Christian, plans on opening an exotic dance and fitness studio in Meryl's exclusive lakeside community. If mother and daughter don't kill each other first.

While her kids stage their own rebellion and her husband fights to win her back, Meryl finds comfort in the arms of a handsome sheriff recovering from his own loss.

After her mother ropes Meryl's book club into performing at a charity tea to promote the new studio, Meryl finds she must face her past. But first she has to get through Christmas.

Funny and smart, Divine Moves reveals the forces that derail our lives and the sometimes divine intervention that keeps us on track.

"There are hundreds of people out there. Women in suits and dresses. I can't do this. I cannot get up on stage and dance in front of them, let alone take off my clothes. "

"She's freaking out, what do we do?" Diane asked as Lorraine started breathing in rapid, throaty gasp.

"Slap her!" Sandy said, looking both domineering and adorable in her tuxedo with tails and fishnet stockings.

Carol rushed up, intercepting Sandy by grabbing her wrist before she could administer a blow.

Sandy jerked her hand away, annoyed. "What? It works in the movies."

Oh my, oh my, oh my. My new year might be looking up to better days thanks to Ellyn Oaksmith. And of course, Divine Moves.

Meryl Howe hits rock bottom when she catches her husband cheating with a sleazy neighbour who borrows Meryl's coat as she's being thrown out. Luckily, though it was a hard impact, she still has her legs. So she's seeking to move on. Though it wouldn't be easy with Christmas around the corner. When she's been cut emotionally deep, how can she just hang in there in a season that's all about love? Especially when she has no love, how can she get through Christmas this year? Besides, the stress of always being a good wife is weighing down on her when the bills come and her children home from school with their own dilemma to add to hers?

Fortunately, Faye, mother of Meryl comes into the picture, as the super-heroine. As if she's got the solutions to solve all the problems. How can one hopeless alcoholic (whose been sober for four years) handle her grandchildren when she screwed up the whole shebang as a mother?

The questions are: Will Meryl get through Christmas with her mother in the picture claiming she has the business idea that would save her, Meryl's butt? Will both her children keep out of trouble now that she has less time to supervise thanks to a shitty job at Macy's perfume section selling La Vie Est Belle (love the irony)? Will her husband ever stop pestering her about forgiveness even though he's sharing a house next door with the other trashy woman? Is she safe leaving her children in the care of her mother who's busy filling out loan forms for her "business" idea? And most importantly, will Meryl find love this Christmas and be able to patch up her broken heart?

There are two TV shows I'd stone anyone if they ever disrupt my watching them. One, Grey's Anatomy. Two, Desperate Housewives. This book is so Desperate Housewives with a unique storyline. So it means I got anyone who interrupted my reading stoned. (But, hey, my mum was an exception and Ellyn would have to forgive me since this book is all about mothers)

My Desperate Housewives sweeties, let me take you back down Wisteria Lane. When Lynette had cancer and her mum, Polly Bergen walked in to help. I have pictures:

But take out Lynette of the picture and put in Bree.

I loved Bree! Forget Purple is the New Black, Meryl is the new Bree. I digged how Meryl was emotionally detached always striving to be the good wife. Her perfectionism was insane. I couldn't relate to her more than I'm sure you women would. The silly thing about a gender barrier. But I loved her nonetheless like I loved Bree. Her struggle, her complexity, everything about her was so three-dimensional. And holy cow, it was the first time I didn't need 3D goggles to reach out and feel a character —★

I loved that this was a multiple character read. It was a nice change from most of the first-person narrative you see in women's fiction genre. And besides our lead girl, the characters were amazing. From Jackie the sister whose relationships don't get past moving-in stage because she'd be honest she hasn't gotten into terms with allowing a pet in despite her being singe. Sam, the cop who kept more of his eyes on Meryl and less of on the bad guys—loved the romance this character contributed to the story. Faye, the mother who can work a pole probably less than she can a sandwich—like any true mother. The Women at the book club whose personalities made me crack up, my personal fav. Sandy Chen, who would never ever get any chance to slap someone in life after she let her one chance pass.—★★ Ooh, almost forgot Nathalie, the wild child with a sharp tongue glued with loads of funny, snippy, snide remarks.

You would fall hopelessly for this book because of the humor in it. Unless you are wearing a jaw strap (if such a thing exists), prepare to poop in your pants. —★★★ I am not supposed to reveal to the world I am contemplating on going au naturel, you know what I mean. I could be a chick-lit character and though you might all be judging me now, would feel sympathy for me to know that I got no pants left.

I might be trying to hide it all with a funny review. But I wouldn't do justice to this book if I don't tell you I did shed a few tears. The book came at a moment whern I was battling my own addiction for sometime. It's only yesterday that my cousin, Anita was arguing with me about a thing as a perfect marriage. Thanks to Ellyn Oaksmith, I took the right stance. The perfect marriage, with all the happily- ever-laters all happen because of one secret. The secret of reconciliation. —★★★★ This book teaches so many issues that we all people as men and women going through marriage, addiction, a shitty present resulting from a shitty past can learn.

I just love this book because it just wasn't your typical Santa holiday read. It actually brings in the thought that while you might have your Christmas revolving all around Santa, some just got home from Charity Galas to find their husbands caught in the act and going through one hell of a Christmas, so just be thankful! —★★★★★

I loved, loved Divine Moves and it's available on Amazon.

Trust me I laughed myself to a headache when I caught the only reference to the title. It's all a Divine Intervention, as Carol one of the book club members puts it. Lol.

Hope you love this one. Totally recommending it to anyone who has tried thinking of learning exotic dancing without the greasy fingers shoving down dollar bills in your panties. Anyone who just wants the best imagery of their lives seeing the most unusual characters doing the most unusually interesting things. Anyone who just wants a blast these last few days of 2013.

To be very honest with you, I'm wondering how I can get this review intact on Amazon. It's actually the first time, I'm thinking of bargaining with the morons to copy-paste this review on their fabulous site with the shitty review system. And I am glad my blogging life this year ended on a good note.

My rating might just be a five/five star

Happy Holidays! Till 2014 , Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I am grateful for all the amazing books of you all fabulous indie authors I took on! Love you all to pieces!

Another post inspired by the festive season.


Festive Book Review: Merry Chicklit-an anthology: Carol of The Belles By Francine LaSala

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Blurb: In the spirit of giving, six chick-lit authors "present" a charming collection of seasonal shorts sure to inspire holiday cheer-plus love and hope throughout the year, with all proceeds donated to Rocking the Road for a Cure! Featured authors & stories include:

Francine LaSala Pretty Izzy knows exactly what she wants for Christmas: hunky sales manager Jake Harrington wrapped up with a shiny silver bow--and nothing else. Except Santa may have other plans in "Carol of the Belles."

It's another LaSala story that would elevate your festive mood and add some Parisian sparkle to your—mundane—Christmas.

So Isabelle, like all other single ladies in the city, wants her dream guy to be Jake P. Harrington, her boss. To her Jake could be the perfect Christmas gift she'd cuddle close to her bosom never mind her cat's jealousy issues. Would she ever get her one cherished gift? And even if she does would she still consider him a gift or more like a drift from her gift? But what with the annoying Ollie who wouldn't stop being a buttinsky in her affairs?

Beautiful tale about our perceptions of "the one". I love that Francine touches on this subject. Are we being shadowed from the actual one by the big giant block who's the presumed one? Opening every Christmas gift leads us to surprises that are beyond our expectation. Is it necessary to have a picture of what's beneath all the glittery wrapper before we can cherish it as "the one" special gift? —★★

I loved that this book seemed predictable during the start but still gave me the mouth-gaping moment. —★

Get your romance on by reading this sassy short by LaSala. You can't actually go to the City of Love in order to have a Parisian Christmas, you know? Yeah, you will coo a lot and shed a little tear and kick your cat off the couch by your fidgety movements giving it the shriek of its life. —★

I loved, loved this book. But it would have won a five star from me if I hadn't found the starting a bit shaky.

My rating: 4.5 stars.

Merry Chicklit—an anthology of six sassy shorts including Francine LaSala's Carol of The Belles is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something romantically adequate and warm to snuggle up with this Christmas. Anyone having to spend Christmas single on the couch should rather get this than staying glued to FOX's Walking Dead Season 1-4 marathon (which I am free to do now that I'm done reading).

Anyway, Merry Chicklit is for a good cause. All proceeds from sales are going to be donated to help kick breast cancer to the curb. Now that's some boob job, I'd love to spend bucks on!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Another post inspired by the festive season.


Festive Book Review: Merry Chicklit-an Anthology: Christmas Lights By Sarah Hitchcock

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Blurb: In the spirit of giving, six chick-lit authors "present" a charming collection of seasonal shorts sure to inspire holiday cheer-plus love and hope throughout the year, with all proceeds donated to Rocking the Road for a Cure! Featured authors & stories include:

Sarah Hitchcock In "The Christmas Lights," one competition pits two families against each other...who will win this war?

This is amazing! Incredibly short, cute, story!

It's Christmas, all the neighbors are competing for the best Lights. Anabel Walker loves it during this time of the year, she loves it when her family is together—the holidays do that, make everyone happy. But what with this neighborhood war? What with all this competition? What with the Walker family being an enemy to the Taylor's? What with Anabel keeping a secret? What with the most romantic wedding proposal?

Sarah Hitchcock wowed me! Everything about this book was a surprise! I love surprises and nothing like a good surprise during the holidays —★

Romance? This book runneth over! —★★ I actually cooed (which I am ashamed I do a lot lately).

Suspense? Who knew short stories were really abundant in those? The whole references to wars got me squinting. Very strange anachronism, yes. Who would think there to be a war on Christmas? —★★★

I loved the ending. The joke was really on me! I just kept shaking my head in disbelief at how beautiful this was —★★★★

Now, about my other stars (there are many). I think I'd share it to all the other stuff I've mentioned.

My rating: FIVE STARS.

I will be looking forward to a lot of Sarah Hitchcock! If her short stories are this good, I guess I'd have plenty to gush about for the long ones.

Christmas Lights is part of Merry Chicklit's anthology of six sassy shorts available on Amazon.

I recommend anyone looking for a great gasp! Anyone looking for something delightfully short.

Rush for it. Remember, the cause, breast cancer. Please donate for a good cause this festive season! There's nothing annoying than a male sexist doctor screaming, "Off with her boobs!" I purchased this to help the cause, you should too.

Reviewing all six sassy shorts in Merry Chicklit. Stay tuned for Francine Lasala's.

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Festive Book Review: Merry Chicklit-Six Sassy Shorts (an anthology): Santa's Gift by Carolyn Aspenson

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Blurb: In the spirit of giving, six chick-lit authors "present" a charming collection of seasonal shorts sure to inspire holiday cheer-plus love and hope throughout the year, with all proceeds donated to Rocking the Road for a Cure! Featured authors & stories include:

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson In "Santa's Gift," journalist Jessica thinks Santa's just a silly myth for children, so when he asks what she most wants for Christmas she tells him the one thing she knows he can't deliver--true love. Or can he...?


"I love Cinco."

"Their salsa is my secret weapon."

My smile flopped. "You take a lot of women to Cinco or something?"

He blushed and it was adorable. "Oh no. I didn't mean it that way. You just seem like a woman who likes good food."

Did he just call me fat?


He ran his fingers through his hair. It was captivating.

"That didn't come out right."

"Not so much, no."


Great short something to read during these Holidays and get on with your shopping—but not without receiving any festive lessons.

So Jess, twenty-nine year old reporter has nothing to look up to this Christmas. She doesn't believe in all the hocus-pocus about Santa and would rather avoid everything about Christmas this year—including the shopping (considering there's going to be a sale!). Recently broken up with "Ass Monkey" of fourteen months, really what does she have to be thankful for?

But with her happily married friend Ashley who wouldn't take No for an answer, Jess's dragged for some Christmas shopping and finds herself in Santa's lap—talk of butt-planting yourself right into an enemy's lap and listening to them talk all about their magical gift to make everyone's wish come to past! Next thing she knows, she's challenging Santa to give her her heart's desire: true love.

Santa promises her that. And with her response as good as a snort and showing him her middle finger, would she believe him? And even if she does, would she return showing Santa her middle finger—this time, with a ring on it?

An amazing short story from Carolyn Aspenson. This woman sure has a way of making everything supernatural sound hip. I like that it wasn't the kind you'd roll your eyes to and check for other reads on your shelf thinking "How cheesy." —★

All the holiday lessons are things to note down from this book. Like finding true love, like believing in Santa, like investing in a tree and not kicking your kids in the butt for mentioning Santa (trust me, this is not about me. I am just doing a little venting of unwanted emotion). Maybe we are too old to believe in all these Father Christmas blah, but look at those kids, the smile that spreads the sunlight throughout their faces whenever Santa's mentioned, wouldn't our lives be that magical when we go back to those days when we had something to hold onto? Trust Carolyn to allow you make such deductions—★★

The romance in this book earns a star from me. Kind of Harlequinish during those old times when they'd actually make you believe in true-true love and swoon. (Until you realize life isn't Harlequin.) Thumbs up to all those moments, there are lots I could employ in wooing a woman, like who knew foreheads were so sensitive?—★★★

The humor is available for those of us who'd want a good laugh whilst learning some major festive lessons—★★★★

You know what they say about short stories having that one OMG moment that actually leaves it fulfilling despite the fact that it's actually short? Yeah, this book had it for the mystery on who Santa was—★★★★★

My rating: five stars.

Merry Chicklit-an anthology is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something short for the holidays—especially when the duties suddenly become humongous. Anyone looking for a book so rich in festive lessons. Anyone who thinks true love as... "true love". Anyone who actually mentions santa, because it would actually be like "Santa" in written form. Lol. Just get this book.

And its for a good cause... breast cancer. Let's save the boobs! They've got gravity to look up to! Just kidding, but help the cancer cause—I purchased (kind of) this book to do so, so you should too.

Reviewing all six sassy shorts of Merry Chicklit.

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Festive Book Review: The Selfish Women's Club's Not Quite Legal Christmas by Nancy Hill

Another post inspired by the festive season.

Blurb: It all seems perfectly innocent when five women who have spent their lives putting others first, following rules, and doing what’s expected of them form the Selfish Women’s Club. Their mission is simple. They will support and encouraged each other to indulge guilt free in whatever their hearts desire. From maids and chauffeurs, health spas and beauty treatments, fine wine and five-star restaurants, they spoil themselves rotten.

But with Christmas less than two weeks away, Lou, one of the club's members, has an issue.

Her maid is in desperate need of help, and the twenty-dollar gift limit the Selfish Women’s Club has agreed on just won’t work. Lou points out that while everyone in the club has honed selfishness to an art, they still always follow rules. She proposes to steal her maid’s mail, a federal offense, to pay her maid’s debts. She points out that by committing a crime to take care of her maid’s bills she will be doing something other than what everyone expects her to do. This, she insists, furthers the club’s mission.

The other women are so taken with this idea that each one of them decides to break a law to give someone the perfect gift for Christmas. The crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies as each one of the Selfish Woman eagerly jump into the club’s new direction.

Mischief, high jinks, and adventure follow as they delight in their scofflaw undertakings.

The only question is...can they get away with it?


"If we are going to study, we shouldn't skip the good parts," he'd said with a silly grin.

"Focus on the play else we will never get through this." She protested softly, hoping he could not hear the thumping of her heart.

"Would that be so horrible?" he teased, leaning in for another kiss, this one much longer than the first.

She pulled away after a full minute of the best kiss she'd ever experienced. "Really, we need to focus. Besides, I have a boyfriend."


"It's an exclusive relationship."


It's naughty christmas for all naughty women. Different, great storyline and a fulfilling ending.

So the Selfish Women are tired of having to bend to rules. Breaking rules has never seemed so fun—frankly it hasn't, since these women have never done one bad their entire life.

Lou, Evelyn, Sarah, Irene and Francine have always dedicated their lives to making people happy but themselves. So they form a Selfish Women's club to live for themselves, not please anyone but themselves. Health clubs, pricy restaurants, a little treat here and there to satisfy their self-centered hunger. Christmas is approaching, and however tough they've become on their rules since its formation, they succumb to twenty-dollar gift limits knowing its hard to be tight-fisted during the holidays.

When Lou, profounder of the group has her maid facing problems with credit card companies, she wants to chip in in paying her debts but she knows that's going against rules. So Lou hatches a plan in order to bend the rules: Committing a little crime in order to help others. Lou's reasons, committing a crime wouldn't make them any less selfish, they've obeyed rules all their lives, breaking a little laws would make a whole lot of a difference to the group's purpose.

So each and every Selfish Woman gets to break the law in order to help someone. They don't realize they might get addicted to getting in a run with the cops and hence putting their lives in danger and their flat backsides in jail.

First of all, the storyline sold this book to me. The fact that's very different from most holiday reads is super! Five bored women looking for a little entertainment and losing a few good citizen points in order to help.—★

I am also nuts about this idea of Selfish Women. Amongst all other seasonal lessons this book teaches (like giving), I love that it talks about the good in being just a little selfish. Women all over the world would relate to these women—especially those who have committed their lives to putting other people in first place. Hey, it's good to indulge in a little selfish treat here and there, and you should keep women-alike who'd make you feel you are not doing anything wrong at all. But its the holidays, c'mon you can't be selfish all through the year and expect to continue being selfish during these festive seasons—as the selfish women learnt. —★★

The back story of these women are both shocking yet fun to read. Reasons throughout their lives which have made them lonely, "selfish" and some bitter, made all their acts somewhat sensible. Whether it was being ditched by a husband they put all effort into till he became a pop-star, to investing all time into a job only to end up jobless. These women's back stories are the highlights of this book.—★★★

I loved the ending of this book. It made the novel. It fulfilled all these festive themes about being selfless! Truly, a lesson most women who place tight budgets on gifts would love to learn—ha! —★★★*

As much as this book was good. It was just an OK read. These women didn't do stuff that were chilling enough, in fact, they were not scary enough to be "not so legal". I would have loved a little more Jackie Collinish flair to this novel: more luxury, very classy, more raunchiness in between sheets (considering they were very lonely) and more humor. What kept me edging on were the back stories, I didn't like that suspense was available so nearly towards the end.

If all the above were locked (emphasis on humor), I already love reading about older women, this book would have been a five-star holiday read. Now it sits at:

3.5/5 stars.

The Selfish Woman's Club's Not So Legal Christmas is available on Amazon.

I recommend this to anyone who wants something a little different on their holidays. Anyone sucker for festive themes and anyone who wants to be taught its okay to be selfish—but not so OK to have a run with the cops.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Amazon and goodreads.

Another post inspired by the festive season.


#Blastfromthepast Book Review: Blue Straggler By Kathy Lynn Harris

Blurb: A blue straggler is a star that has an anomalous blue color and appears to be disconnected from those stars that surround it. But this is not a story about astronomy.

Bailey Miller is "disconnected" from the cluster of her rural south Texas family. She has never quite fit in and now in her early 30s, she finds herself struggling with inner turmoil and a series of bad choices in her life.

Bailey's drinking too much (even for a member of her family), has a penchant to eat spoonfuls of Cool Whip, works in a job that bores her beyond description and can't keep a relationship longer than it takes for milk to expire in her fridge.

Even with the help of her two outspoken friends, Texas lass Idamarie and her quirky college pal Rudy, she's having a hard time.

So she packs up her Honda and heads out of Texas in search of herself and answers to secrets from her great- grandmother's past. The novel takes readers on a journey from San Antonio, Texas, to a small mountain town in Colorado and back again, as Bailey uncovers not only the secrets of her great-grandmother's life, but also some painful secrets of her own. All while finding love along the way.

If you have ever wondered why you got stuck with the family you did, what you are doing with your job and your life, or had a sudden desire to run off to the mountains, sit back and join Bailey for this laugh-out-loud, yet poignant ride.


"A party. Bailey, you are supposed to be researching your family, then heading back here."

"I never said exactly what I was supposed to be doing." Or did I?

"Where's all this money coming from that you are spending on tow trucks and barns? You been running drugs from Mexico when I wasn't looking?"

"It's called saving. You ought to try it."

"I'm afraid drug-running would be easier."


Much like listening to blues during lazy afternoons: Cool, soothing, so much warmth, and you never get enough!

Blue Straggler by Kathy Lynn Harris follows Bailey, distraught, trying to quit smoking, worried of herself going bonkers anytime soon and working as a "computer writer"—which doesn't give her the joie de vivre, but who needs that when there are bills to pay? Anyway, with a mum who places so much emphasis on looking drop-dead-gorgeous at every point in time (in Texas!), a dad who hardly cares what happens with her and a brother who drives her nuts without seeking a little parking space, how can she not be worried about her sanity? Worst of all, there's evidence her family would raise glasses and shout a "Touché" whenever an issue about her sanity is brought up.

But with sixty-something Idamarie and geeky Rudolph as best pals, Bailey's life seems to be looking more on the brighter side. The three make a dynafantastic trio sipping coffee and dropping the world's funniest lines before Bailey rushes to work every morning.

It doesn't take long for Bailey to make a discovery of her great grandmother, Annie. A woman who like her, wasn't perfect as all the other women in her family. Asking her mum leads to a dead end since to her Annie was good as dead, really.

When Bailey is let off her position in the company for something that has less to do with writing, she quits, contemplates for awhile then decides to follow Annie's tail all the way to Gold Creek to discover all the locked up secrets, discover herself and love in the process.

First of all, I don't know if it's my own mid-life crisis, but I've made this surprising discovery: I love books about mid-life crisis! I thought for a while to get to the bottom of this, then I realized there's something perfect about imperfect women afraid they might be losing it. Take The Strange Year Of Vanessa M, Just Add Spice, all books I reviewed this year, I stamped them five stars even before five-percent completion. Like I did Blue Straggler :)

OK. Now my review. I loved, loved, loved this novel! The story-line was amazing, it was beautifully-written, what more could you ask for?

I enjoyed reading about Bailey, or Bay Leaf, as Rudy calls her. I really couldn't get enough of her witty, cynical voice. Or maybe I just like older women. She seemed real, hell not two-dimensional and so relatable. I can't think of anyone who would put her down and scrunch their brows shaking their head left-right muttering, "This book is not for me." She's the kind of character who you'd read about no matter what mood you are in—★

The setting of this novel was a major help! All the scenery and the beauty of Gold Creek was captured so well, I felt I was right in this painting. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I fall for books about mid-life crisis. The setting gives the book this slow-paced plot that isn't jarring at all. I can't think of any character flying to a bustling city, let's say, New York to find themselves. The pace, plot was soothing all because of the quiet mountains, the vast lands of forests, the chatty locals and the serene atmosphere—★★

Oh, I laughed the humor in this book, it was terrific. And humor is a very big thing for me! I easily don't laugh-out-loud, so when I do it's simply because something struck me as so funny—★★★. Plus I don't review books that aren't hilarious!

Each and every character, besides our lead girl delivered! From the ostentatious Idamarie who wouldn't step out without here scarlet lipstick and all seven fake rings on seven of her fingers to Rudolph who kept dropping funny lines after funny lines (a character I could relate to) to one cousin who wouldn't quit bringing funny cosmetics for Bailey to try on, Pokey—the adoggable canine, Weasel—the uncaring feline, Stella—whiplash sheriff with a prosthetic ear, Tuck—the truck salesman. I could go on and on!—★★★★

One thing you would want to note down when picking this book is to keep a heart monitor around you—for those of us who can't stand OMG moments because there are lots in this book. I cursed so much I'd be a nightmare to Texan manners—★★★★★

I am a sucker for perfect endings. Nothing can break a book like its ending. Kathy Lynn Harris knows that—★★★★★★

Five stars, people!

Another blast from the past! Blue Straggler is available on Amazon.

I recommend it to anyone ready for a fantastic read. Anyone who's nuts about self-discovery themes. Anyone who loves the Lone Star state. Anyone who loves Colorado. Anyone who's been through or is going through MLC (or Early-life Crisis like I am).

My work not done. Can't wait to post my review on Goodreads as well as Amazon.


Mangadays: Skip Beat Volume 1 Review

Summary: Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

Aww. Never, ever have I read anything with illustrations conveying emotions so deep... Skip Beat could be described as absolutely entertaining to anyone in need of a manga chicklit (or wants to try).

Kyoko feeling odd upon arriving at the talent auditions seeing tons of girls who wear makeup

Skip Beat follows the story of Kyoko, a girl in her early twenties larger than life (despite illustrations were made in monochrome black-white colours), who leaves small town with her childhood sweetheart, Sho (—or at least she thought they were ooey-gooey since childhood) to take the BIG CITY (Tokyo) by storm in order to make him famous. Years have passed and Kyoko lavishes being the shadow of Sho, cooking for him, cleaning for him and working jobs(!) in order to pay their rent while he lazies around working himself to stardom (—the scumbag!).

Finally Sho has made it to Japan's ranking of top-six celeb pop-stars and shows less respect to Kyoko despite she tries all attempts to make him happy including stroking his ego (—as though cooking and cleaning wasn't enough!).

It doesn't take long for Shotaro to kick her out of his life! But Kyoko wouldn't go down without a fight! One tough bitch, she is. She vows to get into pop-stardom to show Shotaro a thing or two about the consequences of underestimating a woman scorned.

The first volume of this manga rocks! I don't do manga. My roommate who you would describe as a manchild introduced me to Skip Beat (though he's more into the Naruto-Bleach kind). And I loved, loved it! So terrific!

The illustrations are detailed and humorous. Kyoko is humorous! I love her personality and her chutzpah! She's the character you'd expect to replace the ones in those chicklits you found dull. The character that gets you thinking: Can't someone write her! What I really love about Kyoko is that she's plain and loves to keep her looks au-naturel. See, when was the last time one of those were seen in a good chicklit?

Kyoko telling the famous, sexy annoying Ren Tsuraga where to stick it

Though she's two-dimensional—on paper, Kyoko bears emotions a three-dimensional psychopath would possess! Like her coldness, and why she thinks love is, by her words, "The prelude to disaster and despair!!!" Her transformation is very significant to the development of the plot of the story.

I can't wait to pick up volume two of this manga, which would focus on life after dealing with all those emotional demons—and trust me to report my new manga adventures.

Totally recommend this for anyone who is willing to explore but not far out of their comfort zone. Anyone who wants to really laugh out loud and would shout to curious passersby they are reading and enjoying (manga) chicklit!

You can read the first volume and the continuation of Skip Beat here.

So happy I wouldn't be able to post my review on Amazon 'cos I can't afford them chopping off a chunk of it.


What Are You Reading This Christmas?

It all started with a post on our exciting Facebook group, ChickLit Pad... and Thanks to Tracie Banister...

The holidays don't only come with sales at Bloomigndales and all the other high-end stores. Want to stock up your closet? Add a new pair of Louboutins to your fetish collection? Or you'd want to buy that special someone (—it doesn't have to be a boyfriend—) a gift?

Well, you can go all the above ways. It's your Christmas and no one can tell you how to celebrate it. Not even me in a considerably hot region who doesn't know how much an investment those boots from Jigsaw are. But investing in your book shelf would do you good too.

So want something warm to wrap yourselves up with this Christmas? (I'd personally advice the authors to do blanket-giveaways) Here are a ton! (Click image to purchase)

The Selfish Woman's Club's Not Quite Legal Christmas by Nancy Hill.

All Is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen

Wrapped Up In Christmas by Ali Stetson

Divine Moves by Ellyn Oaksmith

Coming Home For Christmas by Jenny Hale.

Christmas Spirit By Sarah Buchanan

Doubting Abbey By Samantha Tonge.

Merry & Bright-an anthology

Merry Chicklit-an Anthology

The Parisian Christmas Bakeoff by Jenny Oliver

The Christmas Contract By Jan Romes

Christmas At The Gingerbread Cafe By Rebecca Raisin.

Night Before Christmas By Scarlett Bailey.

Married By Christmas By Scarlett Bailey

Twelve Days To Christmas by Michelle Gorman

So whenever you stop by a store contemplating on buying something that is "so this season", these are!

Signing Off,


And Oh, Very Merry Christmas!


My Chick-lit Timeline: Maria Constantine (Author of My Big Greek Family)

Maria Constantine debut author of My Big Greek Family stopped by on our blog to discuss her chick-lit timeline. Check out all the books that sizzled her pre-teen/adulthood years...

My Chick Lit Time Line

There are so many books within the genre that I have enjoyed over the years, but in writing this timeline I cast my mind back and selected a few to share. 

A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford

This was the first women’s fiction novel that I picked up and couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end. Emma Harte is a servant girl who overcomes adversities and goes on to build a business empire. Her courage, resilience, integrity and determination captured my heart and imagination. Barbara Taylor Bradford created a character in Emma Harte that has stood the test of time. It is a rags to riches story in a class of its own.

The Adams Family Saga by Mary Jane Staples

My sister introduced me to Mary Jane Staples’ family saga by lending me Down Lambeth Way and after that I had to carry on reading the next one in the series. The books are based on the Adams family – a poor family living in Walworth, London in 1914. Mrs Adams (also called the Chinese Lady by her children) made me smile with her enormous emphasis on respectability whilst her children; Boots, Tommy, Sammy and Lizzy were such a lively bunch, drawing me into the heart of their family life. The characters came out with memorable cockney phrases that have stayed with me years on.

Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married by Marian Keyes.

I had read Watermelon and loved it, and Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married was just as entertaining. Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors within the genre; her writing is full of wit and humour and you cannot help rooting for the protagonist who is flawed and very likeable. Lucy Sullivan had me laughing and gasping as she untangled the strands of her life and tried to figure out whom she would be marrying within a year.

Eat Drink and Be Married by Eve Makis

Eve Makis’ novel was not only heart-warming and funny, but like Anna, the protagonist, I am also of Greek-Cypriot origin and so the story resonated with me on a deeper level. I found it inspiring to read a novel within women’s fiction where the protagonist was of second-generation origin. Anna had to reconcile two cultures and faced a different set of challenges as she sought direction in her life.  Eat Drink and Be Married reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and together they encouraged me to write the story I wanted to write irrespective of whether it was typical for the genre.  

Behaving Badly by Isabel Wolff

Isabel Wolff is a master in the chick lit genre and I particularly enjoyed the animal behavioural thread in Behaving Badly.  Miranda Sweet, the protagonist, is an animal behaviourist and she sets up her own clinic, helping owners deal with problems they are having with their pets. So there is Trigger, the domineering Weimaraner who needs to be taught his place in the household and Jennifer the Shihtzu who has to be treated for separation anxiety. But as Miranda sets about helping her clients she is confronted with a secret she has kept buried in the past and must resolve it if she is to find love. I was wrapped up in the story and intrigued to know what terrible secret Miranda was hiding. Highlights in the story were the pets and their behaviour; the scenes were interesting, insightful and often amusing. 

Jamaican Me Crazy by Debbie DiGiovanni

Debbie DiGiovanni’s novel is fun and different. The story is based on the conservative women of the Lakeside Baptist Christmas Club deciding to do the unexpected – buying five tickets to Jamaica and spending Christmas away from their family. They get more than they bargained for on holiday and what I particularly liked about this book is the friendship between the women – and their very different personalities.

Love Letters by Katie Fforde

I have recently read Love Letters. The story line appealed to me from the blurb; Laura Horsley works in a bookshop that is about to close and she finds herself roped in to help organise a book festival. The problem is that Laura is someone who prefers to stay in the background and often lets life pass her by as she has her nose stuck in a book. But the story sees Laura coming out of her shell, taking chances and experiencing life as opposed to standing on the sideline. I found Laura refreshingly different and the book a pleasure to read.   

There you have it, Maria’s Chick-lit Timeline.

Maria’s debut, My Big Greek Family, is out for grabs on Amazon and Barnes And Nobles

Synopsis: Georgina Andreou is at a crossroad in her life; professionally she’s successful, but her personal life is unfulfilled and lacking. As her huge Greek family descend upon the house to celebrate her thirtieth birthday, Georgina resigns herself to the fact that she is alive, but not living. Still at home with her parents and siblings, she’s torn between the traditional Greek values with which she has been raised and a more liberated, adventurous future. The time has finally come for Georgina to make some serious changes in her life in order to find happiness. And she isn’t the only sibling in the Andreou household who’s facing a culture clash; Katherina falls for an unlikely suitor at work, despite her family’s relentless mission to get a ring on her finger, and she is forced to face a secret she has kept buried for many years in order to take a risk on love again. Meanwhile Sophia, the youngest of the Andreou sisters, and the most rebellious, discovers a new spiritual direction in her life. The sisters’ bond is strengthened when the three of them decide to go on holiday together; secrets unravel and hidden emotions finally surface.

The trip acts as a catalyst for change in the girls’ lives and provides them with the courage they need in order to move forward. For Georgina, it helps her to find the strength to be the woman she wants to be and not the woman she is expected to be. But back in London, the sisters will have to steel themselves against opposition from their parents who find it hard to understand the cultural challenges their children face. Will their responsibility to the family prove impossible to resist?

Rumor has it Maria loves it when readers get social. Share her interests in book choices? Love the sound of her book (like I did)? Drop by to leave a comment on...

Don’t also forget to check out my review of My Big Greek Family coming up on a later date. Till another post...

Signing off,