Book Review: A Fool, Free by Beate Grimsrud

My Synopsis 
Imagine This: You are an author, a playwright, a filmmaker and sometimes a footballer. You are as demented as you are mult-talented.

Your childhood wasn't great. You are hiding away your dyslexia just so you wouldn't be bullied by your friends. You are introduced to Espen, a voice in your head who spends all the time crying leaving you heavily melancholic. 

Your teen years are filled with drugs and alcohol. And seeing your parents argue as your dad can't hold a job like you can't not get suspended/sacked out of school. You are introduced to Erik, who wants to remind you you are strong and violent hence you do things to hurt yourself. 

Amidst all the ups and pitfalls of your emerging talents is a life spent from rehabilitation center to rehabilitation center, contemplations to change your gender and a feeling of no belonging at home or wherever your talents take you.

Eli's sometimes successful yet always traumatic life summarized for your delight. 

My Review. 

Amazing storyline. This book delves deeper into how sometimes it's not really nice being a Jack of all trades. It portrays artists as demented and troubled and wearing their tempers on a short leash. It centers on the life of a woman who can do it all, yet has no control over the voices that inspire and confuse her. A star.—★

If you love a well-written novel of an author with a unique voice this is your book! It's autobiographical, written in the form of a diary, and criscrosses between present and past narratives beautifully.—★★

Fantastic lead! You should love Eli if what you are in search of is a tumultuous lead who's mentally troubled as she is talented. She takes you deeper into her life from her childhood to her teen years to the readings of her adult life and her trips around the world where her talents take her. She's different, queer and very sensitive and highly emotional—not in an overt way that's irritating.—★★★ 

This is one of the novels which have no suspense. But yet is mystifying and intriguing which makes it an engaging read. I was glued to it so much I sometimes forgot it was I on cooking duty for the roommates. A star!—★★★★

My rating:  Four/Five stars.

A Fool Free by Beate Grimsrud is available on Amazon. You must go read it!!

I recommend this novel to anyone who wants something with a unique storyline. Anyone who wants an enigmatic lead they cannot get out of their head should also go for this. If you want a novel that has literary success written all over it, A Fool Free is just your kind of book. 

My work not done here. Off to post my review on both Amazon and Goodreads.

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