Fall Book Review: That Day In June by Martina Reilly


My Synopsis 
Imagine This: You run away from home when you were seventeen. You've gotten used to the streets, at night and day. You like to exist on the sidelines of all the human traffic.  That way, no one can recognize you are that Girl whose face was splashed all over the 'Missing' headlines seven years ago.

Now your life is a constant endless routine you have been used to. Getting a shower, getting some food at the shelter, pickpocketing when the need arises and sitting on one bench staring at the world go by.

Until a stranger works his way into your routine and buys you coffee every morning.

You like him. He's very nice. Plus he wants to know of your thoughts of each coffee. Now isn't that just FAB? Something to use your voice for, innit?

Except, one morning, there's no coffee, there's no stranger, there's no company and certainly no talking.

Where the hell is this guy? You find yourself asking after the third day. If he doesn't show up the next day, you are going to look for him.

Sandy's search for a stranger which leads to touching results and a heart-melting story about a journey to recover all that's been lost.

My Review. 

I loved this book.

It has one of those rare unique storylines that reel you in from the start. I love the whole curiosity angle played from the onset. I was aching to know what happened to this stranger and how the lead character was going to locate him. OK, a star.── ★

You would also love the lead, Sandy. Her voice is... how do I put it?... very earthy, raw, with a dash of innocence that proves a character whose development had been stifled all through adulthood.

You would also love Max. The story alternates between their two point of views (Max's and Sandy's). It's really nice that the point of views of both characters are marred by their mental state. It gives character to the narrative and helps the reader sympathize with both leads. That said, this book is very quirky. A star.── ★★

Other characters in the madhouse are also fun to read about from Norm and his wife Evie, to Vic. All these characters were cool and kinda nuts. You'd also love Molly, the diseased woman who wouldn't leave her flat because she's succumbed to her situation—"I am dying soon, so rather be bedridden." A star.── ★★★

Backstory was one of the amazing features of this novel. From the onset, you are intrigued by the upbringing of Sandy because of her narrative voice. Max's backstory was also nice to read about for it explains why a perfectly sane character would find themselves in a madhouse losing it all.── ★★★★

My only problem with this title is, I wanted more earth-shattering secrets and revelations to make for fantastic OMG moments. It was all so mild on this front.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Go buy this book, on Amazon, it's worth the read.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something unique and very, very quirky (—in a good way). Anyone who wants something touching this Fall should go get this. If you want an unusual love story, this is one of the titles you must buy.

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Blog Tour + Fall Book Review: The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson

My Synopsis 
Imagine This: Life has given you too many blows to survive any further. First, your parents were taken away. Your grandparents did a great job raising you—then life has to take the one, most important thing closer to a mum you ever had. 

A whirlwind romance ends abruptly with nothing but a pregnancy you have to face alone.
It doesn't end there. The doctors have more shocking news for you about your baby: cerebral palsy. 

Frankly, if there's any reason to quit living this is it. Watching your child receive odd looks from competitive mothers, watching your child in pain during physio. But you never give up, you want to be the best mum your mother never had the opportunity to be.

With single motherhood, comes the subject of work. Working to pay the bills, working to afford the best treatment for your little girl. Years down the line you have been able to strike the perfect balance between your professional life and your familial one. Your boss is Great, gives you lots of time off. Your daughter is doing amazing, she's coping in a world of perfectly normal kids (and bullies).

But in comes a new boss. A new boss everyone doesn't take a liking to because he puts the, um, slave in the driver(?). A new boss who's moody, and heartless. Most important, a new boss with ghosts to deal with.

You have a chance of helping this new boss let go of the one thing that shattered his past (he's keeping a secret), so you can have your old boss in your new boss again. Everyone at work will be happy, and so will you. 

But are you willing to? Is he willing to let you in? What if you get in too deep?


I loved this book! So you know in my review I'd be yelling at you to go buy the hell out of it!

Great storyline. It's one of those things about Alice Peterson's novels you can't take away: the Heart. Her storylines are filled with so much heart you can't help but be engaged from start to finish. Cerebral Palsy explored in this writing gives the depth this book needs. Bullying, single motherhood, loss, painful relationships are also some of the tear-jerking worthy subjects explored in this storyline. A star!── ★

You'd adore January Wild. Funny voice. Great mother. Can't hold back the tears. Amazing worker. It's not hard not to relate to her with some of the above subjects explored in this novel. She's gone through so much, she withers from the image of the perfect lead attaining real human-ness of characters you can't help but ask the question: What To Do If I Were In Her Shoes?── ★★

Other characters are also spectacular! There's Lizzie, the humorous friend who offers lots of amazing insight into January's problems. There's also Granny, January's grandma/mother who gives our lead the support and the love she needs through the tough. January's Grandpa is also funny, and loving, and kind and would beat the life out of any man who hurts her granddaughter. There's Luke, the brother who's sort of moody recluse. Graham, the colleague at work who's always down with something. Lucy, another colleague who quite fancies the pants off the new boss while waiting for her boyfriend of many years to propose. Trust, lots of amazing characters I cannot mention for the length of this review. A star!── ★★★★

Humour is another one of those things you would love in this title. I am not sure I said this last year about Peterson's previous novel, but there's this quality her writing has—no suspense, no gripping-ness, it's all just relaxed and calms the reader as they take in the problematic life of her leads. Goes to show, you do not need suspense to keep the reader embroiled. Sometimes the ability of the novel to be satisfyingly moving can just do the trick. A star.── ★★★★★ 

My rating is obviously five out five stars (5/5 stars).

Alice Peterson's novel is available on Amazon. Go get!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something touching to read this fall. Anyone dealing with a child of rare disability or not should go get this. All mothers (and not mothers yet) out there should go get this title. If you are in the mood for some good romance this title is for you too.

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Summer Book Review: My Sister's Secret by Tracy Buchanan

My Synopsis
Imagine This: You are still reeling from the death of your parents. Parents who were the best anyone would ever want, at least that's all you know.

You go on with your life traveling from one location to another, just fleeting through, hoping some way your job as a diver would give you both the thrill and the time to heal. But years have passed and you are not exactly sure if you've moved on from this loss. The pain is always as fresh the night your aunt broke it to you they died underwater.

Upon a recent diving gig, to uncover lost possessions from your parents and see their underwater grave, you find out the initials "N&C" in your mother's purse.

Of course, it can't be a designer label. Your dad had been rich enough to buy your mum "D&G" (because who exactly is "N&C"—not someone anyone would be wearing, that's for sure). It doesn't help your mum's name begins with a 'C' and your dad's DOESN'T begin with an 'N'. 

What's going on in this purse? Why is your aunt so secretive about your past? Why is no one telling you the truth? 

Answers you can only find in the past. You must travel back in time to uncover your life story. You must dive deep down submerged forests underwater for answers you need.

Willow's complicated past laden with secrets, suspense and lies summarized for your delight.

My Review. 

I liked this book.

Good storyline. Writing a book about past secrets, family secrets is always a winner. So much unraveling to do. So much layers upon layers of secrets revealed to keep the reader glued to his seat. A star.── ★ 

The main characters were good too. You'd love Charity, the mother of Willow whose story is told in the past. Her complicated ties with a man who ruined her family. Her affair with a married man trying to get his wife on track. Willow's life is also plagued with enough mysteries of secrets of the past and her underwater adventures.── ★★

Other characters I loved were: Niall, the guy Charity can't ever forget but should. Dan, the married man Charity feels she has an unmistakable chemistry with. There's also Ajay, Willow's Indian diving companion. You'd also love the secretive and surly Hope, aunt of Willow. And Lana, wife of Dan, who's not all right upstairs.── ★★★ 

I love the persistent mystery in this title. Secrets capable of making any reader gasp out loud. A star.── ★★★★

All in all, I liked this book. But I wished I could have loved, loved it. Reading it was like watching the heart monitor of a dying patient. Too many flat-lines then you are jolted awake by a peak (which happens when another layer of secret is uncovered).

My rating: FOUR/ Five stars (4/5 stars).

My Sister's Secret is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves to books on family secrets. Anyone who loves a title featuring exotic locations should go grab this too.

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Summer Book Review: Career Game by Louise Mensch


Imagine This: You have everything you already dream of accomplishing by forty. You run a chain of magazines, you have a successful husband, not-quite-successful kids but their trust-fund would cater for that when the time is right.

Except off late you've realized circulation figures for your magazine is sinking. People aren't buying magazines like they used to. Information is everywhere these days. And blogs are killing your market. 

It doesn't end there. Your husband is being an arse. He's suggesting your kids should be transferred to—shivers—public school! And things are getting bad at home with arguments after arguments.

You can't take all that's going with your family now. It's work you run to. Work in a few hours the board of your company are preparing to fire you from.

There's no one to turn to. Someone out there wants to bring you down, you are aware of this—you are in New York after all, and you stepped on many toes to get successful. You've only got your bestfriend who's also a top-dog in the music industry...

Only she's too wrapped up in salvaging her own record company before it goes down the drain.

Topaz and Rowena's turbulent lives summed up for your delight.

My Review. 

I liked this book.

Great storyline. I love titles featuring women with high-powered jobs dominating men's only environments. They usually set my temperature boiling as they are fast-paced and such a turn-on! This title is no different. A star.──★

The main characters are not hard to fall in love with. As I said above, both Rowena and Tapaz were a turn-on for me with their lives every New Yorker would be envious of... unless you delve into their familial lives and realize they are not as perfect as they put across. Very relatable to women who are trying hard to strike the appropriate work-family balance. A star.──★★ 

Some other characters are winning too. There's Maria, the actress who's trying hard to break-in to the world of Hampton-Hausfrau and New-York socialite by hooking a multi-millionaire husband. There's also Joe Goldstein, the husband of Tapaz you ladies would love because it happens he isn't only successful at work he's... good in other areas too. Stars to all these characters.──★★★ 

Suspense is a big thing in this book. You'd be sitting on the edge of your seat for most part of your reading. The sex is also amazing too—lots of squirming moments in your seat.──★★★★

My only problem is I wish other characters could have been fleshed more. There were lots of characters who weren't well-developed and most of them seemed... not so three-dimensional. Otherwise it would have been a five-star read.

So my rating:  Four/Five stars (4/5 stars).

Louise Mensch's latest is available on amazon.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a fast-paced bonkbuster this summer that they can lose themselves into and make lots of book boyfriends or—if they are not in for a relationship—these boys can equally serve as Good book fuck-buddies. If you also want to read a title set between enchanting L.A, and New York and some glamorous locations all over the world, go pick this. Want to read a book of about women who have it all and are about to lose it all, run for this. 

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