Killer Review: Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

*The Killer Reviews are reviews for my 'A Killer Season' feature where I review psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made declaring them worth the read (or not)*

MY Synopsis 
Imagine This: She used to be your best friend. That was until she killed your two sons in a reckless accident.

She took the life of your sons and yours with theirs. Now you have no life. Nothing to live for. A husband who's walked out. A livelihood that has been reduced to plotting to inflict the same pain you went through—and still go through now—on her.

For three years, you've set the Day you are going to make your best friend suffer, then kill her.

Now the Day is drawing near, and you are still set on her demise. Nothing can stop you. Not even the law.

Catrin Quinn's intricate murder plot summarized for your delight.

My Review. 

I loved, loved this book!

A powerful storyline that's chilling right from reading the blurb. What's the worst thing you can do to your best friend? Beautiful! A star to the storyline.—

Catrin Quinn is just deadly! You'd love her for that, you'd love her so much you'd even support her cause.  (And probably go kill some old best friends of your own). Sharon Bolton cuts her open and reveals her pain, suffering and grief so brazenly you feel you have to explode from all the emotion oozing out of our lead and reeling you in. A star to her.

Other main characters such as Callum, the man who can't understand Catrin has crossed over to the dark side, and Rachel, the best friend who's about to SUFFER, will just make you love this title more.

And the supporting cast! There's Skye, the gangly LONG cop who keeps banging into everything in her way. There's also BOB-Cat, the owner of the Island's most regularized coffee shop who won't take shit from none of her customers who want their coffee a bit warm and not turbid and cold. There's Queenie, Catrin's adorable dog who understands her loss. You'd also love Bee, Rachel's horse who keeps butting into her internal monologues. The whole setting of Falkland Islands was an amazing character on its own. A star.—★

I put daily reading limits on this novel. That's how distracting it can be. The suspense felt like disembodied hands reaching out to me, waiting to yank me to wherever they are creeping from. But I wouldn't let myself succumb, because I had work to do. Though apportioning my time became fruitless because when I wasn't reading, my brain was wherever I left off twitching disturbingly to connect the dots of the tale. A star to the suspense!—★★ 

I love a well-researched novel. A novel that shines with informative detail weaved beautifully into the story. Sharon, clearly is not the kind of sloppy thriller author, struggling to make their work seem intellectual—especially when their stories and the info they are relaying do not correlate. A star!—★★★

And the OMG moments!!!  Too much of it right down to its last line (even in the epilogue). A star.—★★★★

The writing... BEAUTIFUL.—★★★★★

I have a little confession though: when this book popped up in my mail last year, I 'back'-listed it because it sounded too interesting a read. I knew if I read it, it would have set the bar high for all the other subsequent titles. I'm regretting I put it off for so long, then I would have stopped reading titles that gave me so much headaches and made me want to weep so much I couldn't put up a review.——★★★★★★ 

My rating:  six out of Five stars!

Sharon Bolton's Little Black Lies is available on Amazon. Go purchase now! Now!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a psychological thriller that doesn't have one of those sorry, anti-climatic things most authors of the genre reserve for an ending. If you love your thriller with writing that glows so bright you can hold it up so a moving truck can hit the brakes before you are made into some sort of gymnastic star, go grab this. I envy all you who haven't read this, because you'll never have THAT BOOK that will make you reconsider your current rating system!

My review not done here. Off to post my review on Amazon as well as goodreads.

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