Ground-breaking Titles of 2015

Last year, we didn't disappoint revealing the best titles of 2014 that changed chick-lit/women's fiction forever! These books with unique storylines and amazing storytelling would stick on the mind of the reader and just absolutely set his or her standards high on very, quality women's literature! So here's 2015's list:

Two Fridays in April by Roisine Meaney. 

This book focuses on the essence of detailing! Written in a span of just two days and told from the point of view of four amazing women dealing with loss, the writing glows with details that connects all the dots and mysteries from start to finish. 

Good Girl by Fiona Neill 

This book is perfect literature for readers who place more importance on informative titles as it sheds more light on the workings of  the brain and how little secrets can have devastating effects on the happiest of families! Stunning writing with dense themes (objectification of women, deviant teenage behaviour, popularity of sex sites featuring illegal sex with minors) that would shock any reader with an interest in parenting.

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley

A sensational debut featuring one quirky lead's battle with cancer and how she must find a wife for her hopeless husband before she passes on. Beautiful writing that inserts the reader into the lead's pain, her joys and her suffering. I was very uncomfortable reading this book, because every emotion was elevated and depicted so three-dimensionally it cut deep. Beautiful! 

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin. 

A more Funny cancer book featuring a more quirky lead and her large unpredictable Irish family and how they are coming to terms with her slow deterioration. Though this book is not as deep as the previous mentioned title, it has amazing features such as it's humor, heavy reliance on backstory and symbols, and an inclusion of the family as a whole featuring point-of-views from other members. So, yeah, It's worth mentioning. 

A Question of Betrayal by Zoe Miller. 

Fraught with mystery, this is a chilling account of a past marriage that gave one blind man his life's essence and led to a woman disappearance forever. You'd love this book if you are a fan of amazing twists in good storytelling. 

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson. 

This book has such a fresh, funny writing you wouldn't expect the dark twist till it hits you like a punch in the stomach. Although no one would actually want a punch to their stomach, this book is worth the read. Also named one of 2015s funniest titles, featuring lasting themes I can't give away lest would ruin the twist. 

TechBitch by Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes. 

It's co-written! It's deeper than its blurb suggests! Portrayed as a fashion book, but it's more than that! Speaks about issues of millenials swooping in for all the boss roles of 21st century jobs, and how technology is creating a huge gap (and lots of benefits) for 20 somethings and the older generations. Lovely. You would enjoy it immensely! 

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. 

Oh, you have never read a book with a most powerful twist till you have picked this. The writing is so good, laden with deep quotes you could keep for your tweets and Facebook statuses. Plus unconventional characters for women's fiction you would adore! Also if you love, your titles highly informative, this book talks of the main character's research on elephant grief (that is not fiction at all) and touches on the protection of these amazing wildlife. A book that supports a Great cause!

Dietland by Sarai Walker

Literary fiction at its finest! Documents the journey of one fat girl from self-inflicted abuse (mostly) to acceptance. Also speaks hard on the world's view of what entails beauty and is capable of sparking a revolution on female sexual objectification in the media. Beautiful book.

By these titles, chicklit/women's fiction would never, ever be the same! Hope for greater works by these women in the next years. 

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