ChickLOL Awards 2015: Funniest Books of 2015

Last year we brought you this fantastic feature deciding your top Five funniest chick-lit titles of the year! We are back again this year, so scroll through the list to see if you've got any on your TBRs or your Read-shelf.

Funniest Book K:

It's hard for Gretchen Archer to disappoint in her funny, women sleuth series featuring the hilarious Davis Way and cast who'd thrill you with humor along with mystery from start to finish!

Funniest book C

As funny as it was entertaining. Get into the world of Jessica Beam and Matilda Beam, granddaughter and grandmother who mix up both modern rules and very archaic ones to secure them the hottest playboy in town.

Funniest Book I

This book! Not only funny but has an amazing twist that would leave you dropping the book in shock! Follow the life of two friends running from their disastrous lives.

Funniest Book H

A town with no sense-of-togetherness and nothing to their name, reunite by forming a community choir that would change the life of all its members, and the community as a whole. Very heart-warming and incredibly funny!

Funniest Book C

Besides the author being a professional comedian, She writes irresistible funny books with amazing heroines and lots of "punchlines". A newspaper columnist decides to take on a shitty dating advice book written by a cocky asshat and follows all his rules just breaking a few! A thrilling laugh-out-loud read! Funniest book of the year!

I Hope you Get them all because they are actually titles, shortlisted from many to get you laughing and laughing even when whoever you are sitting with on the train is a loud and smelly fatter! 

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