Book Review: The Assistants by Camille Perri

Imagine This: You are thirty. For six years you’ve been an assistant to one of the richest most powerful men in the world. Although you are respected, everyone needs a favour from you, you run his life accordingly, you are still underpaid and overworked.

You are drowning in student-loan debts and your 30,000 dollars a year is kind of sucking at bailing you out. But of course, slowly you’d get that loan off your neck, maybe in six to seven to ten years.

Then a cheque lands on your desk. The exact amount of your student loan debt. No one has any idea of it except you. You’ll keep it in your bag for a few days. You’re not going to use it. Only if they hadn’t invented that app where you snap a checque and immediately it gets cashed in into your account.

Relief! Your student loans-debt are paid!

Except you are not all free, some assistants have caught wind of what you’ve done. And they as well, have student-loans to pay too. And if you don’t help them… they wouldn’t help you too.

I loved this book! Since (the Devil Wears Prada) no book has been able to quite capture the not so glamorous life of The Assistant…

Amazing storyline! The Assistants of a multi-billion firm duping their filthy rich bosses to clear off their student-loan debts, because of course what they earn a year is what their bosses spend on a golf-club! Brilliant! It starts out as a chick-lit novel, a random one. Then it evolves into a title subversive and revolutionary. A star to the storyline.—★

You’d love the main character! Tina Fontanna! She’s a loner, known as a dyke back in school, spends too much time making sure her boss’ life runs smoothly yet can’t keep hers in check. The typical assistant. However, you wouldn’t find her seething about her boss being a slave-driver (maybe he is, but he has a good heart) and Tina works for him happily. She’s funny. She’s super timid. And is very generous… with money that’s not her own. A star.—★★

Other characters you’d love are Emily, the ‘bonafide’, Harvard-graduate (press her and you’d find she’s lying), accomplice and roommate. You’d also love Wendi Chan, the Asian, band-drummer, anarchist-at-heart computer geek assistant from the IT department. There’s also Margie Fischer, the burly woman who hates Tina’s guts for whatever reasons. Robert Barlow, the boss being duped who has one too many quotes embedded in our lead’s head. A star to these characters and other more amazing Assistants I can’t mention for fear this review might turn into an epic poem of some sorts. —★★★
And there’s a very amazing, and satisfying ending too.—★★★★

My rating: Four out of five stars.

Go get The Assistants by Camille Perri (it’s her debut!) on amazon.

I recommend it to anyone who wants a chicklit title that isn’t all about sunny summers and jilted vacationers, but one that is full off revolutionary material, checking on some error on society.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Amazon as well as Goodreads.

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