Blogiversary Review+GIVEAWAY: Fashionably Dead Down Under by Robyn Peterman


Imagine this: You’ve been a vampire for a while. You’ve experienced the perks and cons besides the amazing shags that seem ten times better (because you are doing the Prince of Vampires). But you find yourself in hell after killing your demon father and your de-mom. A few minutes in hell and you encounter talking walls and smooth floors. Whoever said all hell was ridden with fire?

Then allow yourself to trudge the floors of hell and find out the official soundtrack to hell is Journey, and you have a sweet cousin who’s a demon, and Satan your uncle. Fuck. The Prince of Darkness is your uncle? Consider yourself a freak of nature. And he wouldn’t let you leave hell until you get to know your family. Bam! Suddenly you find out you are a demon too.

But what the hell is everyone going on in hell about you being special, your grandfather, Mother Nature, the Seven Sins (who are also your cousins), and the Hell Hounds who talk with their eyebrows? When all you want to do is go home to your Prince of Vampires (because you are getting horny as your time extends in hell) and give birth to the child you are expecting on earth not some fucked-up place.

But Satan has an agenda besides ensuring Steve Perry finds his way to hell (so he’d stop doing Journey covers) and being the king of all trickery, it might not be in your favor.

I loved, loved this book. So you know I’ll be screaming at you to get it.
Off late, I feel reluctant to pick up Robyn Peterman’s titles. Why? Because I know if I do I’d have a blast. No uncertainty, I’m just so sure of this that it gets tiring sometimes. (Oh, no, another Peterman book again? *eyeroll, eyeroll*).

The story-line is ah-mazing! Very unique as with all other Peterman titles. I mean, we’ve all read books about hell, but have we one that confirms that Dante’s nine levels are really fiction-fiction? Or one that portray gives us more details about the music preferences and the level of aristocracy in hell (where there’s always a ball to attend?). Such creativity and not-done-before-ness is what I expect of a book. And Robyn nails it as always.

Having read and reviewed Fashionably Dead (the first installment), it’s no surprise to you who read that review that I loved Astrid. Humorous, warm and deep for a (half) vampire (half demon). Her voice is amazing and sticks to the chick-lit side of this story without making this all one big paranormal bore. A star to her. After all, what’s a sassy girl to do when she turns undead (in hell and finds out Satan is their uncle)? (It could happen to you).

The characters in this book made reading it absolutely wonderful. From Carl, the really buffed demon guy who’s pro-fur (alert PETA!) and has the speech deficit of speaking on his tongue that makes every sentence he attempts sound ridiculous.  Myrtle, the party waitress in hell who’s accustomed to bingeing on the treats for guests. Dante, Hemmingway (yes, all your real literary heroes) were really captured by Robyn in a way that would suit their personality if you new them in real life. Satan himself, had a charm no reader can resist and some sense of humor when he’d laugh back at all the insults hurled at him by Astrid. God was present, Mother Nature (who pole-dances), the Hell Hounds, the Seven Sins. Oh, they all made this book worth reading. So many others I cannot keep going on and on about.

One of Robyn’s main elements to keep readers glued is suspense through a series of anti-climaxes. When I say anti-climaxes I do not mean the ones that make you throw your book across the room or simply press the close button on your kindle. Robyn’s keeps you gingered for the final battle ahead even if there’s…. won’t give much out.
Humor checked. That’s like a requirement for all Robyn’s titles. If they are not then perhaps you can be imagining someone repeatedly banging her head against her writing desk and threatening her not to write anything amusing. (But even with that you can expect more ridiculous craziness to persist).

So I’m giving this book five stars (as usual).

You can get Robyn’s amazing Fashionably Dead Down Under on amazon. You do not need to read Fashionably Dead to pick up on the pace of this book. But both are a must-read and you can’t get a bra without getting some nice panties (what am I saying??) so go get that one too.

You can also win this book as part of five paperbacks going away in this rafflecopter.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their chick-lit with a little paranormal adventure. Anyone who loves heroines hilarious. Anyone who loves authors that are hilarious. Anyone who wants to spend a few days of their summer in Robyn’s hell (Fuck Dante’s).

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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