Blogiversary Review: The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox (The Breakup Doctor #1)


Imagine this: You’ve been known by your friend and colleagues as stone cold. There’s no way you’d let anything put you through an emotional breakdown, not even a breakup. So when you almost lose your practice after a demolition, you hook a job as a columnist giving breakup advice and end up offering services to people at cafes, restaurants in their homes as their personal breakup doctors on call to shape them up after a breakup.

So when your own relationship crumbles apart. The guy that you thought was a saint who wasn’t capable of cheating, does, you go through a major emotional trauma. An emotional trauma you fight hard so no one sees. After all, you are the break-up doctor, the only one who knows how to handle a breakup like it’s a minor flu. You can’t let your clients see you… broken.

But what if acting out means pretending downright to the fact that you are not doing all those things you advice your clients against? Stalking as top of the list. Using a guy as rebound as second. You really have got to pull yourself out of this and move on. But sometimes breaking down completely might be the only solution to moving on…

And Brook would find out. Her life summed up for your entertainment.

I liked this book.

Story-line was different, and new. Not your everyday chick-lit title. And I like that in a book. I mean, one of the reasons that drew me to this title, was its title. And it kinda didn’t disappoint.──★

The twists and turns in the plot were things I didn’t expect. I love a book that doesn’t mostly turn out the way expected.──★★

I also adored the supporting casts in this book. Especially Lisa, one of Brook’s clients and boss with her no-nonsense character and her tendency to be haughty. Sasha, the best friend was also a favorite teaching our main character stalking lessons and Signs To Know He’s Cheating that we all overlook before the breakup. Brook’s mum was also the best, ditching her husband to follow her dreams as an actress (I mean not every wife has the courage to do that).──★★★

The ending to this book was great. We don’t all come out of situations the same way others do, but sometimes losing our way is the only way to find it--I love this lesson in the book.──★★★★

Now I really, really wished I loved this book. It was perfect. But I thought the humour could have stepped up notches (considering the storyline) to make our lead’s voice more fun and exciting. I’ve been known to deduct a star from a book if it wasn’t funny enough, and I’d do that now.

My rating: Four stars.

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I recommend this book to anyone who loves their chick-lit laced with lots of advices on relationships. Anyone who loves their leads strong (and cold). Anyone who wants a book that they can relate to (because I mean, who hasn’t gone through a breakup?)

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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