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Imagine this: You are cheater. The thin, beautiful ‘Other Woman’ everyone hates. But in your defense your boss in question is hot, persuasive, and can woo you (in and out of bed).

So why are you getting letters from his wife, describing in detail all he’s done to you (in and out of bed)? When she says you two should meet (behind her husband’s back) you are not sure whether to go. Or even if you do go, should you feel smug, or should you feel apologetic and weep at her feet for being caught?

It takes a brave decision to meet up with his wife. And it turns out she has other plans up her sleeve, but whether to entice you or wreck you (or both), you are not sure.

But if the thrill of playing with the husband behind his wife’s back is irresistible, what would playing with the wife behind the husband’s back be? Exciting? Dangerous?

Lara Leeds would find out in this book written for your delight.


The first chick-lit epistolary I read for this blog, was a hit. I gave it five stars. So would I like this other epistolary as much? Let’s answer the question in my review.

First of all, I did love the style of writing. Not everyone can pull of epistolary and do it so well. But Robin Reinach did. Even when the whole book was written in letters, you really knew each character by their voices, know what they are like (physiological and psychological) and not everyone can achieve this feat with epistolary so well. So I give the book a star.

I loved the main character Lara Leeds. It’s nice being in the shoes of the other woman and knowing what she’s going through, why she’s having the affair, why she can’t resist the married man (or woman). I also adored Andrea for her poise, her composure, her mysterious persona even when she finds out her husband has cheated with––not one––but several other women. It’s nice reading from the point of views of two women whose voices, personalities sexual tendencies oppose each other. And you find yourself sometimes wondering why would men cheat (on their amazing wives)?

It’s nice to also talk about how even when this was an epistolary, it didn’t pull itself off without giving flesh to the supporting characters. Henry, the amazing shag of Lara’s past coming into the picture again. Sam, the jerk of a husband who I never warmed up to (would I ever have??). Beth, the office bitch/bootlicker who’s so much into our lead’s (no pun intended) business

The sex was amazing. I mean, I can’t do this review without mentioning this. I love books which characters experiment (because I have very wild fantasies). It’s nice when a character (you envy, like Henry) tries this move that’s been on your mind for quite a while. Sweet.

The lessons this book intended to impart were not lost on me. I love the lesson that not all marriages are rosy, the topic of family loss and the effects it has on the social institution, the question that plagues the reader’s mind of how they would handle a spouse’s infidelity (would they do it calmly, well-poised and, um, ingenious as Andrea did?), and the question of what to do with the ‘other people’.

I would no doubt have given this book a five-star rating. But, it’s one of those novel-ish books that make you want a more hundred pages after reading.

So my rating: Four-point-five stars.

Broken Open is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their Women’s Fiction sexified yet imparting lessons that contemporary women face.

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