Book Review: On The Rocks by Erin Duffy


MY Synopsis.

I have wondered what wearing a $ 4000 Ivory strapless Vera Wang gown with a forty-foot train in all it's beautiful satin and lace glory, would feel like, No doubt it will feel like HEAVEN! But being dumped Via facebook was definitely not part of it, this is saying a lot with such a wild imagination as mine. Of all the worst ways to breakup with someone being dumped on the most popular social media while adorned in the most  gorgeous and expensive dress you would ever wear in your life has got to be right up there with being  jilted at the altar. It’s the worst. Can't Imagine.

You would know since your demented boyfriend of ten years decided that he would rather move to a desert half way around the world than spend the rest of his obviously pathetic life with you, after slipping a gorgeous emerald cut stone ring around her finger.

Six months later, still Thirty One with your maternity clock tick-tocking away and still fiancèless, you end up bitter, 30 pounds heavier, with a passionate relationship with the frozen section of the super market and the verbal communication skills of the kindergarten kids that you teach. Awesome right?
And I've not even mentioned, that your very psychotic Mum who is great at everything else especially being mean and annoying except being the Mum you always wanted,  would just not  burger off.  There’s a point in your life you wish mums could be dumped on Facebook too. Oh and your sister who has been trying to steal your shine like forever happens to be getting married when you are not. Apparently the world does not stop to grieve with you.

But it's good to know that with all the craziness going on in your life, you are brave enough to let your Godsend Bestfriend woo you into leaving your self-made prison and spending the summer at Rhode Island, which turns out to be just the thing you need to put your life back together. Enough to tell your jerk of an ex-fiance to go fuck himself, when he considered comparing you to a dog was the best way to convince you to give him a second chance, what a douche! And to make friends with the king of verbal sparring and a German hunk. Minus the bestfriend dating a married man drama and hideous fights, it turns out to be the best summer of your life. I guess magic does happen when you allow yourself to live again. Even though it involves kissing some frogs along the way. Yuck.

Story of Abby Wilkes life.


                           MY Review

I was drawn in by this book from the get-go. Story line is on point, it gives great advice. Breakup is not the end of life,it wasn't for Abby and it should not be for anyone. Abby shows it as she gathers courage and moves on with her life. She allows herself to have fun again and explore the dating world out there. Such great advice to young ladies out there. This advice was not lost on me, and I am arming myself for the future. Lol. Am not hoping for a breakup, but breakups are a part of relationships, and you have to kiss some ugly, slimy frogs to find the one true prince. Hmmm sound advice, and all in Erin Duffy’s On the rocks.

Amazing characterisation in this book. I loved Abby the lead character soo much, and I am sure you would too.  Funny, interesting and awfully good at quipping and verbal sparring. I can’t mention sparring and forget Bobby the King of Verbal sparring, I fell in love with him. He is soo damn good, I found myself amused most of the time. Oh I was rooting for Abby to fall in love with him. Not forgetting Grace, who unfortunately falls in love with a married man, at least we get to see life from the point of the mistress of the married man. The book would not be complete if Abby's mum and sister were excluded. Gosh her mum, she is unbelievable, who wears a wedding gown to her daughter’s wedding? Not forgetting Wolf the German cutie. He is the best, he made me laugh soo hard my ribs hurt.

It's fun, hilarious and gives great advice. It's an amazing book. Just the thing for all ladies finding it hard to live after a horrible breakup. It's about time you lived your life! Start by reading this awesome book by Erin Duffy, I promise you would love it. Abby is in a better place than she would have been if she got married. She is happy and fulfilled, more importantly she is single and living her life.

I enjoyed reading this book soo much that more than once I went back to read an interesting part again and again. Nice work Erin. Thumps up.

Rate: four point five stars.

On The Rocks is available on Amazon.

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