Blogiversary Review: Sugar Spun Sister (Sweet Dreams #1) by Anna Garner.


REVIEW BY SANDRA                                              

Imagine this : You are Twenty Seven years working for an annoying  gargoyle-looking jerk of a boss, who enjoys making your life hell. And thinks you are a useless charity case, since you got your job through your extremely generous gay Uncle Jonathan who loves to help others out by giving funds to people who have vision but lack funds. But then you would think that your boss Oscar the Gargoyle would be nicer seeing that he benefited from your Uncle's generosity. But that is so not the case, not only does he humiliate you on an hourly basis he turns you into a cleaner and torments your life to no end.

But your days of being Oscar the Gargoyle's whipping boy is about to end when you realize you have a talent of making to-die-for gourmet ice creams. Thanks to your loving Brother Daniel who was thoughtful enough to buy you an ice cream maker of all things as a house warming gift.

Lucky enough you have the best of friends who look out for you and push you to make a decision and turn your dream of opening your own gourmet ice cream shop into a reality ASAP. And what an amazing success it turned out to be , it turned out to be the best decision you ever made and brought you so much fulfillment. But your dream doesn't materialise overnight but with the help of your awesome  friends and your sweet brother Sage it turns out to be a blast.

But sooner or later you realize its not as easy as you thought it would be. It's difficult as hell to give up a steady paying job to take a risk even though it was so damned good to put Oscar the Gargoyle in his right place (if only you knew it would come back to bite you in the ass). Oh and  your Hippie parents dont agree with you and would love for you to come back to your roots and leave of the earth like everybody else and hopefully marry a guy called Freedom Hannigan---talk of hideous. The events you book don't go as smoothly as you'd hoped. And all the drama going on between your bestfriends, and your hot FWB relationship with Jimmy, who wants no strings attached sex, does not make it easy at all. Oh and the cockroach infested building and all the expenses to put it in shape is also another headache.

Pretty much Sums up the life of Cricket Juniper Whittier. 


(This one will definitely keep you glued to your seat asking for more)

RECIPE: Intriguing, exciting, extremely fun, and fiercely fabulous you'll be roaring for more

All in one! what more do you want, this is  the one stop for an exciting experience. I promise you reading this book is like tasting ice cream for real, soo amazing you would want more. Definitely a keeper---the book, not the ice cream.

The characters in the book are soo amazing from the lovely friends Nora and Lindsey. Nora the dreamer who just does not know when to stop, with no worries, being married to her Gazillionaire Husband. Lindsey the all in control teacher who knows how to do damage control and keep everything sound, their amazing personalities combined with Cricket's amazing personality is just great. And Cricket's sweet brother Sage,  who was phenomenon in helping her put her store together. Her Hippie parents and the annoying  jerk of a boss spice up the book and make it interesting. It's a characterization party in here.

The fabulous ice cream recipes that am definitely gonna try out some day, the hideous names that will make you laugh till your ribs hurt, and all the great advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs makes this book absolutely fab.

I loved reading this book but I didn't 'love, love' it I thought it could have been more hilarious.But all in all it was just an amazing book and you should make it a point to read it. Thumps up for such a great book, Garner.

Rate: four stars / five stars.

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Her work not done here. Would convince her to put her review up on Goodreads.

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