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Imagine this: Bridget Jones once said all married women should feel smug. Do you? If you have a husband who no longer fancies you enough, or doesn’t know what you are wearing to bed is a flashy new underwear you bought to impress him, or if he takes long business trips without giving you the hotel information. Should you feel smug then?

Or when you feel your job is the most shittiest job in the world, with no protection, attending some of the craziest constituents and getting backed up against the wall with a knife on your throat almost every time.

You married life, your professional life, and personal (with the super-sexy neighbor who keeps popping in for a cockscrew getting your husband’s attention for a few more seconds than you would) is in shambles. And proving you can still be fun and flirtatious and attractive to someone might mean emailing pictures of your butt to an old flame (or whatever he was you are failing to remember) over at Russia.

The crazy life of Molly Bennett summed up for your entertainment.


I liked this book.

The storyline was great. One woman married for long, husband hardly notices her anymore, children hormonal teenagers, shitty job in politics, offering wondering if she would be a happily-ever-after pensioner or one going to be stuck in a nursing home, recently sending pics of your butt to an old lover. Brilliant.
── ★★

I loved Molly. Very relatable to all the mothers out there who feel they’ve lost some spark in their relationships, anyone with a super-annoying boss and husband and roughly all men in their lives being assholes.── ★★

The characters in the book are amazing. From Molly’s mum who’s worried about her painful backside, to Molly’s dad who loves a little hank-panky with his neighbors even though his hitting seventies, to Greg the annoying coworker, Andrew the dickhead MP who’s more than occasionally not sure what views he’s standing for. Josh, the skateboarding son with no talent (for skateboarding). Connie, the daughter who always, always tells the truth even during an interview for questions when you are supposed to give a static lies to earn the job. A star to these characters and the all the many others that made  reading this book a blast. (I could go on and on)── ★★★

The humor in this book is sick. Very hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny. And everyone knows I love my chick-lit hilarious. So more humor means more points for me. But at certain times I thought the author was trying too hard. Anyway, a star to the humor.── ★★★★

I liked this book. But I would have loved it if there was a particular direction to the story, some suspense something moving enough to keep me reading for a long time besides the humor.

So my rating: Four stars.

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I recommend this book to anyone who wants something funny this summer, all the mothers out there who feel there’s something wrong with their relationships with their husbands and children, anyone who feels their job or their bosses are shitty. And most importantly, anyone who’s receiving those emails from an old flame their itching to reply to (but for the sake of common senseand a marriage they’d want to keepdon’t).
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