Book Review: Outstanding by Kathryn Flett

Blurb: Eve Sturridge, a high-flying divorcee and mother of two girls, is head teacher of Ivy House, an Ofsted 'Outstanding' prep school in Sussex. Eve is passionate about her school and its pupils. When Danish power couple, Stefan and Anette Sorenson, jet in and choose Ivy House over other schools, Eve is justifiably proud. The Sorensons are A-listers who bring an aura of style and power to Ivy House. Zoe is Eve's pretty seventeen-year-old daughter. 

Unlike her mother, Zoe's not so keen on school. She prefers sending nude selfies to her boyfriend. When glamorous Stefan Sorenson proposes that Zoe interns at his company and invites her to accompany him to New York, Zoe is over the moon with excitement, while Eve is too focused on her job to smell danger . . . 

 My Review 

 A good storyline! It's a nice read into how sometimes, no matter how tried, mother's have no full control over their children in this digital/millenial age. This book takes you into worlds of UK's educational system through the eyes of a school Head.—★ 

 You'd love Eve! Her point of view is very refreshing and motherly with a tint of sophistication. She's that forty year old who's got it all (beauty and success) without even considering anti-ageing procedures.—★★ 

 But Eve's perfect life may be deceptive when her Flirty, clever teen daughter, Zoe comes into the picture. She's offered her own point of view so you'd like her very much till you have to deal with her attitude and her silly mistakes. Other characters you would take a shine too are Simon, Eve's ex husband recently in a serious relationship with a gay. Stefan and his wife Anette would also be much loved. Gail Prince, Eve's P.A and single mom who has the hots for the head of her son's school! Other brilliant cast of characters present you'd adore.—★★★

 If you're also looking for a title with a heart-warming ending, you'd find this not lacking in said regard.—★★★★ 

My rating: Four out of five stars. 

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