Book Review: The Bucket-List To Mend A Broken Heart by Anna Bell

My Synopsis 
Imagine This: Your boyfriend doesn't think you're the one for him. So he makes you one of his many exes he was on the verge of marrying but didn't.

You want to win him back! You want to do anything to prove to him HE'S the one for YOU. And you're for him.  But going up to his apartment and bawling your eyes out so he takes you back isn't going to solve the problem. 

You need to stop moping. You need to take charge. You also need to complete the ten items on his bucket list to show him you guys are perfect for each other! 

But there's a little big issue: You are afraid of heights, you don't have the thighs for cycling and you don't possibly consider windsurfing something safe for any girl in their sane minds trying to win their ex back!

My Review.

A good storyline. Ever imagined a Bucket-List with items to tick that would help you win your ex back? A star for ingenuity!—★ 

You'd love Abi. Funny. A go-getter in some other departments of her life. Who thinks listening to Shakira would help her acquire Conversational Spanish. It was lovely, and refreshing reading in her point of view. A star to her.—★★

The supporting cast are also a fun bunch. From Abi's best-friend who's such a feminist she can't wrap her head around why Abi is doing this list, really. You'd also love Ben, the guy helping Abi with this list. There's also Gilles a co-worker who's on Abi's camp as a new rival employee, Linz, struts into the picture possibly to take away Abi's job. Other characters you'd love and adore—★★★

This books is Funny. Not LOL all the time. But, there are a few LOL moments and lots of chuckling in between.—★★★★

Don't get me wrong. This book is a fun summer read! But there's something I've noticed about Anna Bell's books, they are not memorable enough for me. I want more 'memorable' from her. Full of twists, surprises, very unusual OMG moments (that you'd have to close the book and get over), lots and lots of LOL-moments. I want to read her chicklit and sit on tenterhooks waiting for her next release. 

My rating: 4/5 stars. 

The Bucket List To Mend A Broken Heart is available on Amazon.  

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something light, cheery, fun this summer!

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