Book Review: The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

Imagine This: On your Final year in college, you meet the love of your life. But you don't know this yet. You ride in his path with your bicycle as you try to swerve hitting a dog. 

You take up his invite to fix the puncture on your bike and go to a pub for drinks. Then the romance buds...
But lately you've been thinking. What if you hadn't met him? What if you'd even met him and decided not to take him up on his offer? Will you two still be together? 

This is the story of Eva and Jim and the many roads of life they could have taken but didn't or did to face the future.

My review

Amazing storyline! On an interview conducted by, well, I do not know. Laura Barnett was asked this question. 'Did you intend the novel as an argument for the inevitable power of fate?' She answered negative. But I do believe this novel speaks strongly on fate. And sometimes no matter the roads we take, how we take it, we're still bound to meet that person who'd be the light in our lives. This is what this novel communicated to me, and I took it! Took it hard! A star to the storyline.—★

Also, well, I loved this book for it's organization. It's actually the aspect that makes this book literary and shine! So a star to the organization! You'd find yourself trying to choose between the versions of Eva and Jim (Version 3!) that you love. Although you'd be urged not to do this because that version may end up going awry.  All the versions beautifully weaved together and not written separately. Story flowed!—★★

The main characters, Eva and Jim are well-developed! It's one of my fears picking up books written in third-person. That I may not love the characters well enough as I feel it's not a point-of-view that gives room enough to make a character jump off the page. Oh, but Eva and Jim (—to my disappointment... and then relief!) were so very done well! Solely told in their points of views, none of the characters get this privilege (—fantastic as I hate narrators that just can slip into any character's mind)!—★★★

You'd also love the other characters though. From David Katz, the handsome actor who loves himself more than he'd ever love any woman. There's Penelope, Eva's best friend. There's Juliet, Eva's rival. And the many other characters peculiar in all the versions of Eva and Jim's life together or life apart. I found no character stunted and cliched (—again, to my disappointment. What can I say? Some authors have mastered the art of character-plurality in third-person narrative).—★★★

Settings, New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles. All pulled off beautifully.—★★★★

My rating: Four stars! (Only giving it four instead of five because like the organization I wanted the writing to go very Literary and peculiar to the author only)

My review is glowing. And you need to get this book! Possibly before it goes on TV! Yes, TV rights have been bought!

I recommend this book to all lovers of historical fiction with a contemporary touch. If you love ingenuity in storytelling, this book is also for you.

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