Killer Review: Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard

My Synopsis 
Imagine This: Your girlfriend took a business trip. Then She never returned. 

You're distraught. You're wondering why she's not even answering your calls!

But then news pop up, pop up, pop up. And you explode. Your girlfriend. The one you've spent your days planning your future together. The one who's been waiting for you to get that big break. The one your friends no more of than you did. Did she leave? Or was she taken? 

Your search for her leads you to a cruise ship, trudging through parties, fun and lots of unanswered questions that keep you up late at night when everyone is asleep. And murder.

Adam's distressful life summarized for your delight. 

My Review.
You'd love this storyline! Great premise! A Thriller set on a cruise ship! You'll never look at cruise ships the same way again!—★

The writing is very easy to read. Flows. Adam's point-of-view, first-person, is a great way for you to relate to him, understand his plight, root for him. Cat Ryan Howard has made reading about male leads, enjoyable! A star to Adam—★★

The extra characters: Sarah, the mysterious girlfriend who you'd keep flipping the front-cover to take a look of and worry if Adam is just on a goose-chase for someone who isn't worth it. Rose, the annoying best friend to Sarah, who can be such a bitch you wonder why Adam keeps talking to her. There's Moorsey, Adam's patient friend who's been by his side, since, well, they were young. A star to these characters—★★★

Suspense! Every chapter drops a bomb. Bomb so huge you would keep gasping at the opening pages. This Thriller is never a slow burner! Fast from start!—★★★★

My only problem with this thriller will be the villain (—I didn't say the killer, mind you). I wish he was fleshed out more. His point-of-view and his motivation, and all the people in his life, his mum, his dad. I wished they were done more work on. I love my villains.

Otherwise, this book was a great something to keep you up at night if you want to be late for work the next day. And that last, final OMG moment! Almost gave this book four stars.

My rating: 4.5 stars.

Distress Signals is available on Amazon.

I recommend it to you if you love your thrillers taking off from the first page and leaving you with shocks, after shocks, after shocks, till you exclaim, God, this book is fucking not good for my heart!

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