BLOG TOUR + REVIEW: The Milliner's Secret by Natalie Meg Evans

My Synopsis
Imagine This: It’s 1940s in Paris. You make hats for a living. But your dad is beating the life out of you and taking back all your hard-earned money. How’s that living?

A Londoner, you always imagine yourself living your dream in Paris. You’d escape your dad’s fists. You’d ran to Paris and begin a whole new life out there. Paris, the city of lights with many possibilities.

Except you had no idea how dark your future would turn if you make it into Paris. A one-chance opportunity presents itself, and before you know it, you are waking up in bed in the arms of a married man. In the City of Love, you become a mistress. Ahh, bliss.

Then the Germans invade, sending your life into turmoil. They’d kill any Jew, any Gypsy and definitely any Englishwoman masquerading as French with a new identity. The secret of your nationality, you’d die to keep. Because if you reveal it, you’d die anyway.

But whoever said, this secret is your biggest problem? Soon, you’d have to face devious fashion-rivals, Gestapo, a scorned lover fighting for the enemy, helping friends escape brutality and lots of danger in a city dominated and run by die-hard Nazis. When all this is accomplished, your life, if you ever have one, would never be the same again.

Coralie de Lirac/Cora Masson’s treacherous life summed for your delight.

I loved this book! So in my review, you’d know I’d be yelling at you to go buy the hell out of it along with lots of vintage hats!

Yet again, Natalie Meg Evans wows with a wild storyline set in '40s Paris—a time of war, resistance, and love if you ever have the time! Stunning! I’m fiercely very scared for debut authors releasing a sophomore title. A sophomore title which might not outrun or even match the success of their debut novel. This storyline is a winner, carving out an image for Natalie Meg Evans as a historical romance author who breaks (fashion) boundaries, destroys enemies and neatly weaves romantic plots in Paris during the second world war! I fear no more for Natalie Meg Evans' inevitable success. A star.── ★

I loved the lead! SO, SO much! Very ballsy, very daring, the kind of historical heroine that would grab you right from the start! You’d love Coralie, for the tough decisions she has to make to save herself, her little daughter, and her friends. Her struggle to make it in Paris is so engaging. Then when she finally makes it, her struggle to keep all she has from falling apart would reel you in further. A star!── ★★

Other characters are amazing! You’d love Una Kiplin, the American fast-talking, fashionista who has lots of lovers falling at her feet. You’d love Dietrich, the German-lover who would stop at nothing to protect our lead (then make love to her). You’d also adore, Ramon, our lead’s husband, who’s quite the charmer, given he’s an anarchist (are those types charming at all?). You’d also fall in love with Teddy, the flamboyant art dealer who takes a liking to our lead. Lots and lots of characters in this book you would adore. Even the ones, you’d have to hate—Serge Martel, the shady club-owner who loves to bite off ears in the throes of love-making; Lorrienne, the scorned milliner who would do anything to destroy our lead’s business; Hiltrud, the wife of Dietrich, who would take a journey of vengeance that would leave readers gasping. A star!── ★★★

There’s something about this book I cannot help but bring up. The dialogue! It’s sharp, fast, and very… different. I didn’t really realize that was one of the engaging features of Nat Meg Evans’ writings till I remembered her debut. The Dialogue embodies the beauty of the age Nat Meg Evans writes about—an age of fine sarcasm, an age of witty comebacks and innuendoes stronger than a fist. A star!── ★★★★

There’s suspense that would keep you holding this book. I can vouch that you’d only drop this book only to go get yourself a hat… after you are done reading. There’s also humour to keep you chuckling. A star.── ★★★★★

Very few writers do this: make you forget how excellent their previous title—which was also their debut—was after reading their latest! If you have read The Dress Thief (—if you haven’t, I highly recommend it!), after reading this, you'd be thinking: Debut? What debut?

My rating: Five/five stars!

The Milliner’s Secret is available on amazon.

I recommend this to anyone who wants something historical to get cosy with this summer. Anyone who’s been a fan of Hitler-themed novels should grab this off the shelves. If you also love couture in Paris in the forties, this book is for you. Most importantly, if you want a book with an amazing plot, an engaging heroine, do not hesitate to get this. This is not your average historical romance with leads worrying about how tight their corsets are fancying and not-quite-fancying rogues and knights—if you would pick this title expecting a standard historical read you'd be disappointed! This, is one of the many reasons I love Nat Meg Evans!

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads as well as amazon.

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