Killer Review: Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund

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Claudia (@rocksclaudia)'s Review 

Crazy.....crazy....crazy....that's what this book made me.I had such an unusual emotional connection to this book. So that when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it,when I wasn't thinking about it, I was dreaming about it.

This book gave me nightmares to the point that I was convinced  I had psychological problems. To all the books out there so believable it puts your sanity on the line—★

Crow girl tells a story of  a detective  (Jeanette Kihlberg)who joins forces with a psychologist (Sofia Zetterlund) to solve the unexplained rampant murders of illegal immigrant children. Brilliant Storyline—★★

This book spirals mainly between the perspectives of Jeanette, Sofia, an unknown psychopath and a character who identifies herself as crowgirl. I guess it was for books like this that the term plot twist was coined because there is going to be a huge one that will make you question everything you've read.—★★★        

Crow girl also touches on the subject of child abuse and its gory details probably making it the most disturbing book you'll read this year. Don't you just love a Thriller with a cause!—★★★★ 

This is probably the easiest 5 star I have given and I would have given it more if 
I could because this book was everything-it had a little bit of murder, mystery, romance and tons and tons of thrilling darkness.—★★★★★

Crow Girl available for purchase at Amazon. Just go get it you fans of unsettling books!

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