Chick-Lol Awards: Funniest Books Of 2013

It's amazing how you grab a book expecting to enjoy the storyline, but you end up snapping your jaw, breaking a(/some) rib(s) and muttering lots of obscenities you wouldn't even hear in hardcore stuff.

This year began my blogging journey. Having read the Kinsellas, the Keyes', the Strohmeyers and Evanovichs, I stated grimly—influenced by lots of laughs, of course and almost peeing my pants with one incident—"This pink stuff is the best genre in the world!"

I still hold that "assumption" (as my mystery-loving friend, Nana Ama puts it) today.

Humor is a big thing for me! I'd give Five stars to anything that would get me laughing at the opening stages. And this year, I discovered these must-read indie authors who would end you up (with several broken parts) at the hospital with bills your insurance can't cover (if you don't trust your insurance company, I mean it, 3.99 wouldn't be worth all the dilemma you'd bring upon yourself).

Funniest Book Number #K Just Add Spice by Carol E. Wyer.

Quote my review: ...A fantastic combination of torture and pleasure. Carol E. Wyer dazzles readers with Cinnamon's insatiable appetite to inflict pain on cheats whilst arousing readers' interest (and more) all the same...(more)

Funniest Line: "...No one has managed to track her down or interview her just yet. Mystery sells as much as sex it seems." commented Blake as he stacked up a pile of papers he had marked for the group.

"I bet she's over eighty years old and has a face like a slapped ass." said Craig.

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Funniest Book Number #c It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy by Quanie Miller.

Quote review: With such a memorable and hilarious debut, Quanie Miller has established herself as Queen of HoodChick-lit... (more)

Funniest line: Miserably forgot to include that in the review.

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Funniest Book Number #i Facebook Jeanie by Addison Westlake.

Quote review: Addison Westlake has delivered once more. Here's to humor, fantasy and beautiful chick-lit.... (more)

Funniest Line: Together they squealed.

“This is just like Bella and Edward!” Jeanie declared.

“Only Brad’s not a vampire, so it’s even better!” Clara squealed some more.

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Funniest Book Number #h Lying To Meet You By Anna Garner.

Quote review: This book is so(oo) New York, so(oo) Sex And The City. Only it's far more than thirty minutes. Well, unless you are a fast reader.... (more)

Funniest Line: “What are you doing with that Ethan, anyway?” William asks to my surprise, “I don’t mean to be offensive,” he says. “And he certainly seemed like a good guy, but he’s very Boy Next Door, isn’t he?”

Despite myself, I chuckle. “Three doors down, to be precise.”......

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Funniest Book Number #c How Hard Can It Be? By Robyn Peterman

Quote Review: OMG. With such an amazingly crazily, hilarious debut. How hard it would be for Robyn Peterman to fall off our Must-Read lists.... (more)

Funniest Line: Herbie run to my table on his tiny little dentist legs. "He's gay." Herbie informed me triumphantly.


"Yep"—he sucked in his gut and stood up taller—"but I am not." He waggled his eyebrows and grabbed his package.

It was all I could do not to gag-laugh. I closed my eyes and sucked in an enormous breath "That's wonderful... that you're not gay. I'm sure you will make an unsuspecting girl very unsettled someday, but here's the thing... I'm a lesbian. So while I'm fluttered by your outstanding posture, your acrobatic eyebrows, and your crotch handling, I prefer vaginas."

"Really?" Herbie asked dejectedly.

"Really," I assured him.

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There you have it, books to put kickstart your new year with laughoutloudiness.

So Happy New Year's Eve Folks! Have the best of New Years.

Big Thanks to all the authors that have made this blog as big as it now, especially Tracie Banister! Love you to broken pieces! Thanks so much for all the recommendation behind my back. Same to Anna Garner, Samantha Stroh Bailey and Meredith Schorr. And each and every author that respected my views.

Also, so sorry for all those authors I couldn't review this year. Stupid college came up. But hopefully next year, it will all be good.

Till Next year, see you soon.

Signing off,



  1. Love Robyn Peterman's books!!!!

    1. Hi Karen, so do I. IF we were to meet we would have our squealing moment! Robyn is fantastic and she knows it!

    2. In the moment of excitement for you stopping by I messed up your name. Kathleen is way cooler.

  2. Thx I got the ones I didn't already have

    1. Great you got all the others now start your new year with lots of laughoutloudiness. Anyway, if you need a funny book, know this blog is home because when something isn't funny you will know. ;)