What Are You Reading This Christmas?

It all started with a post on our exciting Facebook group, ChickLit Pad... and Thanks to Tracie Banister...

The holidays don't only come with sales at Bloomigndales and all the other high-end stores. Want to stock up your closet? Add a new pair of Louboutins to your fetish collection? Or you'd want to buy that special someone (—it doesn't have to be a boyfriend—) a gift?

Well, you can go all the above ways. It's your Christmas and no one can tell you how to celebrate it. Not even me in a considerably hot region who doesn't know how much an investment those boots from Jigsaw are. But investing in your book shelf would do you good too.

So want something warm to wrap yourselves up with this Christmas? (I'd personally advice the authors to do blanket-giveaways) Here are a ton! (Click image to purchase)

The Selfish Woman's Club's Not Quite Legal Christmas by Nancy Hill.

All Is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen

Wrapped Up In Christmas by Ali Stetson

Divine Moves by Ellyn Oaksmith

Coming Home For Christmas by Jenny Hale.

Christmas Spirit By Sarah Buchanan

Doubting Abbey By Samantha Tonge.

Merry & Bright-an anthology

Merry Chicklit-an Anthology

The Parisian Christmas Bakeoff by Jenny Oliver

The Christmas Contract By Jan Romes

Christmas At The Gingerbread Cafe By Rebecca Raisin.

Night Before Christmas By Scarlett Bailey.

Married By Christmas By Scarlett Bailey

Twelve Days To Christmas by Michelle Gorman

So whenever you stop by a store contemplating on buying something that is "so this season", these are!

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And Oh, Very Merry Christmas!

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