Mangdays: Skip Beat Volume 2: Who Is Obsessed

Blurb/Summary: Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

How exactly did this happen? Me, chicklit fanatic, turning into chickmanga fanatic. Skip Beat can do that to you.

Some weeks back, I posted the review of Volume one. Promising I'd stay glued to posting my adventures.

So Volume 2 was as equally exciting. At the end of volume one, we see Kyoko giving up on showbiz and admitting her failure. Volume 2 brings her back with a new banging attitude. She's more determined. More emotionally stable than first and looking to make showbiz cry like a girl.

Anyway, she gets back into LME productions, and the President now taking a liking to her has developed a new section for people without talent. Listen to this, so ridiculous, the LoveMe section. Info about the details are more shocking. People in the LoveMe section are to seek attention to themselves and be loved by everyone. Warning: That's my interpretation of the section description. You'd think of it as a socialite thingy, all the brouhaha about the three idiots. But it's not as glamorous. Actual boot-licking B.S would be done on high-profile celebs just to get them endorse you.

Though Kyoko is aware she's missing a fundamental emotion. The LoveMe emotion, she's willing to try.

Kyoko begging the Prez for a chance into the newly discovered section

The section worms her through super-bitchy divas in the business. One veteran actress who at any point on time needs her luggage carried at the flick of her fingers. And another super-annoying pop-star who for some reason thinks she's snow-white herself and wouldn't want to terminate her career by walking in the sun. More like the Dracula, if you'd ask me.

Kyoko experiencing the wrath of Veteran actress for dropping her luggage
Kyoko losing it as she carries the annoying pop-star

Meanwhile, Kyoko tries hard to control her temper. She still has anger-management issues and it takes the angel in her to fiercely combat this demonic side to keep her stable. For when she's loose, it's like she's got the Mad Cow.

Kyoko being carried by famous Ren after being abandoned by pop-star girl when injured.

Readers are entertained when this pop-star fails to play a role in a movie, and for her jealousy everyone is caring about Kyoko (mainly the lead co-star, the popular Ren) who's been worked so hard by her and has even injured a leg, challenges are lead girl to take the role out of annoyance. Without hesitation Kyoko steps up to the challenge.

Riyuku Chan, annoying pop-star putting up the challenge.

So eager to see if she nails the role in volume 3.

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