Book Review: Being Sarah Chilton by Ruth Briddon

Book Description: At long last Sarah Chilton has finally bagged her perfect man; she can see the perfect house with the white picket fence and room for a pony coming into view and even hear the distant chime of wedding bells and the pitter patter of tiny feet. It s all going to be so wonderful well, not quite Follow the often hilarious trials and tribulations of one, ever so ordinary, Mum who is left literally holding the newborn baby, whilst trying to keep her job, home and sanity. Battling with what feels like half the cast of a Harry Potter movie, plotting her revenge against Voldermort and tackling the institutions and stigma of single motherhood all take their toll,
Will it be the wine, Classic FM, TV or Prozac to the rescue?

My Review 

I liked this book.

The storyline is lovely. Mum realizes giving birth and raising a child is not as sunny as the media portrays it. And even more crappy when you are a single-mum and do not have your shit together and your child well-toilet-trained. A star!── ★ 

You'd love Sarah Chilton. Dreamy from the beginning of the novel, but isn't everyone when they are about to marry the person they think is 'the one'. She transforms into a character with a stronger voice after the birth of her first child. All mums, soon-to-be mums would relate to her. She gives critical advice post-pregnancy for mums and attacks her shitty life with humor and the little achievements of her son—his first steps, his first solid food, his first words—as life goes on. A star to her.── ★★ 

It's nice when a chicklit book is able to attack problems women all over the world face. Ruth E. Briddon teaches, sometimes though you'd prefer being confined in a cell where you could get a few hours to yourself than being with your screaming, yelling child, there's no joy than watching your child grow.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I really, really wished I could have loved it. It was on a normal pace for most of the book. I wished there were more surprise moments as there was lots to laugh at.── ★★★★ 

So my rating: Four out of five stars. 

Ruth E. Briddon's being Sarah Chilton is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who's a mum or not. Anyone who wants a guide to tackling real problems of (single) motherhood. And anyone who wants a title so true and so funny to laugh and relate to.

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