Summer Book Review: Double Mint (Davis Way Crime Caper #4) by Gretchen Archer

My Synopsis 

Double Mint (#4) takes reins from Double Strike (#3) to tell the story of Davis Way’s mysterious/romantic/hilarious/ undercover life.

If you were Davis Way, here are a few pointers to begin with your (very chaotic) life:

1. You are on the security force of a
casino, sort of a spy on the team.

2. You are not easily ruffled by theft, murder, shooting because that’s what you headbutt on a daily basis.

3. You are the spitting image of your boss’ wife (if you coat an additional heavy layer of foundation, pull on some contacts and spray-dye your hair) and that—unfortunately—makes her your boss too.

4.  Your relationship with your newly-wedded husband is sheer bliss...  if only you could move out from the haunted house causing a few disagreements between you two.

So now that we are settled on your character, let's brief you on your mission for this instalment. One, it's summer get some rest while you can. Two, while you are getting that rest, find out why the casino's Special Events Coordinator has quit her job and is nowhere to be found. Three—you are still supposed to be resting—take on the role as the hotel's Special Events Coordinator organising weddings with guests who can't see eye to eye and have different bands for the different set of families. Four, find out why platinum from the casino's vault has been stolen. While at that, you just stumbled on some incriminating evidence in you and your husband's new home that might lead you both to jail--get rid of it. Last but not least, break it to your boss' wife that she has menopause... and try surviving after that.

My Review. 

I loved this book! You cannot go through summer without a Women Sleuths novel. In this review I'd be like a magazine recommending you go get this book to prevent excessive summer boredom (and accelerate your aging process by acquiring a few laughter lines!).──★

Gretchen Archer doesn't disappoint with another amazing storyline in her Davis Way Crime Caper series. So there's evidence of minting fake platinum coins in your favourite casino/hotel and Davis Way has to get to the bottom of this before she finds herself and a lot others behind bars, and though no one believes her prime suspect for the crime—an old woman who is known to have poor sight (really, there must be an accomplice who has good enough eyes to mint coins)—she has to find a way to convince everyone they are really on to a devious woman who knows (or sees) more than she's letting on. A star!──★★

It's not hard to love Davis Way, really. Besides being funny, and dead-good with a gun, she's your relatable lead who's not sure her maternal instincts has kicked in yet and can even take care of a cat! The Same Davis I fell in love with starting this series, the same Davis I continue to love with every instalment. A star!──★★★

One thing you'd love about series novels is to get to see old characters you got smitten with since instalment one. Bradley, the amazing fiance now turned husband now turned boss who would love it if Davis Way makes dinner more than she makes trouble. You'd love Bianca, the boss's wife who is always getting under the knife as much as she gets under Davis' skin. Fantasy, the partner who always has her shit together, her husband's and children's ... although not anymore. Eddie, Davis' ex-ex-husband who is annoying and the man no woman wants to get married to—twice! This series saw new characters such as Magnolia, the sneaky old lady with presumed poor sight who constantly busts into Davis' old home—which was her previous home—and leaves behind a trail of heavy perfume. And a cat that's so irritating readers would wonder why they love cats anyway (—not me. Hate them).──★★★★

Lots of humor in this title (although not as much as the previous instalments)! Lots of suspense and twists and so many unexpected moments. The ending has massive OMG moments that would make you gasp.──★★★★★

Another five-star read from Gretchen Archer. I'm waiting for the day when I'll fall out of love with Davis Way, but this day isn't happening so I'm giving up.

The only thing I hated about this novel should be, blink and you'd miss something. So fast-paced if you do not keep up you'd easily be Left behind. I worried for my avid-reader friend who blinks a lot and can't help it. This book was not made for Blepharospasm.

Gretchen Archer's Double Mint is available on amazon. If you want to buy the whole series—I recommend this, click here.

I recommend this for anyone who wants a Women Sleuth title this summer. If you want something gasp-out-loud funny, just get this book. No one wants to sit on the edge of their sun lounger, but if you want to, I recommend this!

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Amazon and Goodreads.

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