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       Shot Through The Heart            

The Silver Screen had never shone as bright . . .
Mia Sinclair is the First Lady of Love, a beautiful film goddess known across the globe for her romantic roles. But in reality life does not imitate art and love is not as easily found in the real world as it is in the movies.
Leo Henderson is the Brit living in L.A, loving the lifestyle and photographing the stars - mostly when they least want to be photographed.
When Mia meets Leo, the sparks fly. But is dating a paparazzi the biggest mistake of her life? And how will she cope when Leo becomes jealous of her friendship with co-star Billy Spencer, the hottest actor in town but a man hiding a secret he's worried could destroy his career?
Shot through the Heart is Matt Cain's debut novel, a Hollywood tale of romance, heartbreak and the lengths some will go to maintain that unblemished movie star image.
REVIEW by my partner in blog crime, Sandra, who happens to be salivating throughout this review.                                                                   
I bet you think super stars have it all huh, the cash, the simply magnanimous houses. I bet you've always wondered how it'll feel to walk on the red carpet, photographers clicking away wearing that gorgeous Prada, Gucci or Beckham. Ooh, how lovely diamonds wouldl feel on your neck,mm hmm, talk of coming out of a limousine with your fans calling out your name,shouting "I love you, can i get an autograph, oh you are gorgeous" The feeling will be totally orgasmic . 

How hard can it be, really? It is all rosy and sweet and die for.

Try asking that blond beautiful girl from Cleveland, Ohio, who like a lot of girls dreamt of going to LA , the La la Land, City of Angels, of becoming a movie star, falling in love and having a fairytale life, Ooh! How sweet. But she wished someone told her earlier that her fairytale life is, well, a fairytale. Love in reality was not like in the movies, well at least not with the paparazzi chasing her around. And with the eloping of her father and the death of her mother just as her career took off skyrocketing, you would think life would give her a break. What with falling in love with the enemy>

Guess Cupid's bow shot her right through  the heart. Who would have guessed?

Maybe the British hottie with Bad Boy written all over him and a heart melting winky-grin looking for the right girl will tell you everything about these superstars. He should know since he lives off the downfall and breakdown of these Hollywood stars. And sadly, he is the enemy.

What of the Mississippi gay boy rejected by his parents for being himself. He eloped to the City of Angels to pursue his dream of being a movie star. Would he be rejected all over again by the world? All he wanted was to hear the world shout their I love yous and Billy you rock. All he can do is hide his true self with a lie and hide his sexuality.

There is the sweet Harlem girl, the horrifying over-botoxed-if that is a word-cruel publicists, gay secretaries and a whole lot more. It's a whole world out there in Hollywood. And Matt Cain gives you a peek into the life of these Hollywood stars and how really vulnerable they are in reality and how much they need love. Like everyone in need of a 'Shot Through The Heart'.

                                                                      My review
Exciting, Intriguing, Enticing all in one book , simply amazing . If you always wanted to know what goes on in the life of stars look no further, this book is just the one you desperately have to read. It is exciting at the same time romantic.I always thought the life of superstars was amazing, they always had the best clothes, looked fantastic and gorgeous, and dated only guys good-looking enough to be in an Armani underwear catalogue. What an eye opener this book is! Lovely execution for a debut!

Extremely great and interesting characters from the gorgeous Mia Sinclair finding it difficult to find love. With the nickname "first lady of love", you would think she has dozens of suitors considering her beauty and all. To the handsome hot Brit who end up being the awful enemy. To the gay hottie Billy, and the other lovely cast of characters who end up finding love.

I loved reading this book a lot and not to sound cheesy but it turned out to be very interesting and spectacular. I could not help gasping and being stunned through out the book. It was funny, intriguing,enticing and totally awesome. Like a box set. It took me by surprise, kept me in suspense at a point I thought I would die of not knowing what was going to happen. It was just an amazing book

I loved reading this book but i wish I love, loved it, enough to give it a five. But it wasn't that bad for a debut.

So my rating: Four Stars.

Shot Through The Heart, Matt Cain's amazing debut as Sandra puts it is available on amazon.

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