Review: Browse, Click, Love by Cherie Kay.


Cady has everything a young professional could want - a condo in Florida, fantastic friends, a job she doesn't hate, and an eye for fashion. Still bruised after a surprise break-up, she is looking for love and the meaning of life, disguised as an assignment for work. Her adventure into online dating is full of outrageous situations, epic embarrassment, heartwarming friendships, and a surprise insight or two along the way. Cady discovers that the dating world is as confusing as we are. This is her story of love, life and the pursuit of a decent date, fake or otherwise.

REVIEW by Sandra, my blogging partner.

                                             MY Synopsis 

Trust me your life can't be shittier than the life of Cady Muddles, maybe interesting but still shitty. 29 years and recently dumped from a three-year old relationship with a guy you absolutely adore for no apparent reason, other than the fact that he wants some space, total bullshit. Only to see him hanging with your soo perfect and sweet  neighbor who unlike you is an accomplished writer with her own column. Such a bitch (I mean the guy). And what could be more worse than meeting him every where and you always end up embarrassing yourself like falling face first at a bar after a failed attempt to belly dance,or falling from the stage of a rock concert (lol).. Soo humiliating gosh!

As if your life was not bad enough, your 50-something year old Mum had to go and fall in love with a 37-year old French guy and is about travel to the other side of the globe to a country that speaks a language called fang(lol). But you realize that it doesn't sound that bad if you get pass the age and moving away thing that her fiancee is not that bad.

At least something good happened to you, you get the chance to make your big break as being a good journalist. Online dating ranging from a 75-year old man, to a lesbian, creepy foot fetish, an animal lover among others. Fortunately you have awesome friends who always have your back. 

Interesting the life of Cady Muddles.


                                        My Review

OMG! this book is Soo and Awesome! And borrowing Kobby's words, I loved, loved this book so much. It was just on point, every single flip of the page. You should most definitely read this book.

It was laugh-out-loud hilarious. I laughed soo hard my ribs hurt soo badly.  Gosh Cherie rocked this book. I had to keep assuring my Dad I wasn't crazy, cause i had a glued smile on my lips. I must have looked weird to my parents.

Great storyline, it actually gave great dating tips without the feel of being at a lecture. You know those boring dating books with bullets that go like "Do not date someone you dont know". Yikes! Boooo Sooo boring. Such books put me off big time. Oh but not this time, I totally enjoyed reading about Cadi's dating escapades.

The characters are perfect! So hilarious, so worth-reading about.

I had from Tuesday to Friday to finish the book and I was done by Tuesday evening. Yeah, I could literally not put the book down.

I loved this book from beginning to end and I love Cherie Kay even more for such a wonderful book. So Chic and amazing and awesome and perfect. (Lol, i must sound Cheesy but i promise you, you would love this book soo fucking much).★★★★★

My favorite book soo far this year. Thumbs up.
Rate: five stars/ five stars (deserves every star).

Browse. Click. Love by Cherie Kay is available on amazon.

Sandra's work not done here. Would post this review on Goodreads for her.

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  1. Thanks for the love! Cherie and I are so glad you enjoyed Cady's crazy life. We'd love to participate in any upcoming events, and you should be able to find us on Goodreads now, too! :)