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Imagine This: You are a single-mum. Work always seems hectic on its own. Now even more so with a four-year old in the picture.

Thank God you can afford a holiday these days. Or your friend can win one of those rafflecopters on Facebook no one ever seems to win. Hola, Barcelona!
You ditch your four-year old with your mum amidst tears, you tell your boss you’d like to switch on your phone in case he needs help. He tells you, you are on a holiday so you should really try relaxing.

You’re super-excited to be taking this holiday with your friends since this would be your fist holiday in six years.

Tragedy strikes, when you bump into a super-sexy guy after piling up your plate on the plane, when the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat and getting his cookies all over your hair, when you get to Barcelona and your room is not ready yet, when your boss keeps ringing you about some PR work you need to be attending to(!), when you can’t move on and forget your ex, when you have no time to read past the first line of your book, when you can’t seem to avoid Super-sexy Guy, when you chase down a pickpocket, when you are told to avoid all journalists on your holiday (who want to get info out of you about some scandal at work), when you can’t seem to talk right but blab in the presence of Super-sexy Guy, when you find out super-sexy guy is a journalist… FUCK. Tragedy still keeps coming.

I liked this book.

The storyline was perfect. Three friends on holiday, meet up to have a blast, yet Main character cannot seem to get off work related matters, and avoid all journalists no matter how sexy they seem. A star to the storyline.
I loved Imogen. So relatable. Mums out there would dig her, because it’s not always easy to juggle a job as the (acting) manager to one of the biggest companies in the UK and still get enough time to spend with your four-year old who cannot manage to say I love you back. You would love her when she chases pickpockets, when she’s supportive to her two friends, and when she cannot manage to get past the first line of her book because she can’t afford turning deaf ears to her phone.──

I loved the other characters. Meredith, the funky pregnant friend with an on-an-off relationship; Nicola, the over-protective friend. To Imogen’s mum who’d call about the (slightest) unimportant issue. To David the boss, and Carmel his wife. All the character were worth reading about.── ★★

The suspense in this book is also a feature that kept me on the edge of my seat. One minute you are unsure of if Imogen would be able to rescue her company, next you are worried if she’d be able to rescue her job. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the end. And trust me, I was fulfilled.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I really wished I could have loved, loved it. It had a shaky start, it took me time to really get involved. But of course, it beat my fifteen percent specification for books I’d review.── ★★★★

My rating: Four-point-five stars.

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I recommend this book to all the mums out there. The ones finding it difficult juggling between their jobs and their babies. Anyone who wants something to relax to this summer should get this.

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