Fall Book Review: That Day In June by Martina Reilly


My Synopsis 
Imagine This: You run away from home when you were seventeen. You've gotten used to the streets, at night and day. You like to exist on the sidelines of all the human traffic.  That way, no one can recognize you are that Girl whose face was splashed all over the 'Missing' headlines seven years ago.

Now your life is a constant endless routine you have been used to. Getting a shower, getting some food at the shelter, pickpocketing when the need arises and sitting on one bench staring at the world go by.

Until a stranger works his way into your routine and buys you coffee every morning.

You like him. He's very nice. Plus he wants to know of your thoughts of each coffee. Now isn't that just FAB? Something to use your voice for, innit?

Except, one morning, there's no coffee, there's no stranger, there's no company and certainly no talking.

Where the hell is this guy? You find yourself asking after the third day. If he doesn't show up the next day, you are going to look for him.

Sandy's search for a stranger which leads to touching results and a heart-melting story about a journey to recover all that's been lost.

My Review. 

I loved this book.

It has one of those rare unique storylines that reel you in from the start. I love the whole curiosity angle played from the onset. I was aching to know what happened to this stranger and how the lead character was going to locate him. OK, a star.── ★

You would also love the lead, Sandy. Her voice is... how do I put it?... very earthy, raw, with a dash of innocence that proves a character whose development had been stifled all through adulthood.

You would also love Max. The story alternates between their two point of views (Max's and Sandy's). It's really nice that the point of views of both characters are marred by their mental state. It gives character to the narrative and helps the reader sympathize with both leads. That said, this book is very quirky. A star.── ★★

Other characters in the madhouse are also fun to read about from Norm and his wife Evie, to Vic. All these characters were cool and kinda nuts. You'd also love Molly, the diseased woman who wouldn't leave her flat because she's succumbed to her situation—"I am dying soon, so rather be bedridden." A star.── ★★★

Backstory was one of the amazing features of this novel. From the onset, you are intrigued by the upbringing of Sandy because of her narrative voice. Max's backstory was also nice to read about for it explains why a perfectly sane character would find themselves in a madhouse losing it all.── ★★★★

My only problem with this title is, I wanted more earth-shattering secrets and revelations to make for fantastic OMG moments. It was all so mild on this front.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Go buy this book, on Amazon, it's worth the read.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something unique and very, very quirky (—in a good way). Anyone who wants something touching this Fall should go get this. If you want an unusual love story, this is one of the titles you must buy.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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