Summer Book Review: Career Game by Louise Mensch


Imagine This: You have everything you already dream of accomplishing by forty. You run a chain of magazines, you have a successful husband, not-quite-successful kids but their trust-fund would cater for that when the time is right.

Except off late you've realized circulation figures for your magazine is sinking. People aren't buying magazines like they used to. Information is everywhere these days. And blogs are killing your market. 

It doesn't end there. Your husband is being an arse. He's suggesting your kids should be transferred to—shivers—public school! And things are getting bad at home with arguments after arguments.

You can't take all that's going with your family now. It's work you run to. Work in a few hours the board of your company are preparing to fire you from.

There's no one to turn to. Someone out there wants to bring you down, you are aware of this—you are in New York after all, and you stepped on many toes to get successful. You've only got your bestfriend who's also a top-dog in the music industry...

Only she's too wrapped up in salvaging her own record company before it goes down the drain.

Topaz and Rowena's turbulent lives summed up for your delight.

My Review. 

I liked this book.

Great storyline. I love titles featuring women with high-powered jobs dominating men's only environments. They usually set my temperature boiling as they are fast-paced and such a turn-on! This title is no different. A star.──★

The main characters are not hard to fall in love with. As I said above, both Rowena and Tapaz were a turn-on for me with their lives every New Yorker would be envious of... unless you delve into their familial lives and realize they are not as perfect as they put across. Very relatable to women who are trying hard to strike the appropriate work-family balance. A star.──★★ 

Some other characters are winning too. There's Maria, the actress who's trying hard to break-in to the world of Hampton-Hausfrau and New-York socialite by hooking a multi-millionaire husband. There's also Joe Goldstein, the husband of Tapaz you ladies would love because it happens he isn't only successful at work he's... good in other areas too. Stars to all these characters.──★★★ 

Suspense is a big thing in this book. You'd be sitting on the edge of your seat for most part of your reading. The sex is also amazing too—lots of squirming moments in your seat.──★★★★

My only problem is I wish other characters could have been fleshed more. There were lots of characters who weren't well-developed and most of them seemed... not so three-dimensional. Otherwise it would have been a five-star read.

So my rating:  Four/Five stars (4/5 stars).

Louise Mensch's latest is available on amazon.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a fast-paced bonkbuster this summer that they can lose themselves into and make lots of book boyfriends or—if they are not in for a relationship—these boys can equally serve as Good book fuck-buddies. If you also want to read a title set between enchanting L.A, and New York and some glamorous locations all over the world, go pick this. Want to read a book of about women who have it all and are about to lose it all, run for this. 

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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