Blog Tour + Fall Book Review: The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson

My Synopsis 
Imagine This: Life has given you too many blows to survive any further. First, your parents were taken away. Your grandparents did a great job raising you—then life has to take the one, most important thing closer to a mum you ever had. 

A whirlwind romance ends abruptly with nothing but a pregnancy you have to face alone.
It doesn't end there. The doctors have more shocking news for you about your baby: cerebral palsy. 

Frankly, if there's any reason to quit living this is it. Watching your child receive odd looks from competitive mothers, watching your child in pain during physio. But you never give up, you want to be the best mum your mother never had the opportunity to be.

With single motherhood, comes the subject of work. Working to pay the bills, working to afford the best treatment for your little girl. Years down the line you have been able to strike the perfect balance between your professional life and your familial one. Your boss is Great, gives you lots of time off. Your daughter is doing amazing, she's coping in a world of perfectly normal kids (and bullies).

But in comes a new boss. A new boss everyone doesn't take a liking to because he puts the, um, slave in the driver(?). A new boss who's moody, and heartless. Most important, a new boss with ghosts to deal with.

You have a chance of helping this new boss let go of the one thing that shattered his past (he's keeping a secret), so you can have your old boss in your new boss again. Everyone at work will be happy, and so will you. 

But are you willing to? Is he willing to let you in? What if you get in too deep?


I loved this book! So you know in my review I'd be yelling at you to go buy the hell out of it!

Great storyline. It's one of those things about Alice Peterson's novels you can't take away: the Heart. Her storylines are filled with so much heart you can't help but be engaged from start to finish. Cerebral Palsy explored in this writing gives the depth this book needs. Bullying, single motherhood, loss, painful relationships are also some of the tear-jerking worthy subjects explored in this storyline. A star!── ★

You'd adore January Wild. Funny voice. Great mother. Can't hold back the tears. Amazing worker. It's not hard not to relate to her with some of the above subjects explored in this novel. She's gone through so much, she withers from the image of the perfect lead attaining real human-ness of characters you can't help but ask the question: What To Do If I Were In Her Shoes?── ★★

Other characters are also spectacular! There's Lizzie, the humorous friend who offers lots of amazing insight into January's problems. There's also Granny, January's grandma/mother who gives our lead the support and the love she needs through the tough. January's Grandpa is also funny, and loving, and kind and would beat the life out of any man who hurts her granddaughter. There's Luke, the brother who's sort of moody recluse. Graham, the colleague at work who's always down with something. Lucy, another colleague who quite fancies the pants off the new boss while waiting for her boyfriend of many years to propose. Trust, lots of amazing characters I cannot mention for the length of this review. A star!── ★★★★

Humour is another one of those things you would love in this title. I am not sure I said this last year about Peterson's previous novel, but there's this quality her writing has—no suspense, no gripping-ness, it's all just relaxed and calms the reader as they take in the problematic life of her leads. Goes to show, you do not need suspense to keep the reader embroiled. Sometimes the ability of the novel to be satisfyingly moving can just do the trick. A star.── ★★★★★ 

My rating is obviously five out five stars (5/5 stars).

Alice Peterson's novel is available on Amazon. Go get!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants something touching to read this fall. Anyone dealing with a child of rare disability or not should go get this. All mothers (and not mothers yet) out there should go get this title. If you are in the mood for some good romance this title is for you too.

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