Festive Book Review: It Must Have Been The Mistletoe by Judy Astley

My Synopsis
Imagine this: You are looking up to Christmas this year with your amazing boyfriend. Until he ditches you, then you are not so sure you are in a festive mood to celebrate. But at least, you do have your family, and there’s reason to be thankful?

But not until your mum and dad, after years of marriage, decide to finalize their separation. Christmas would be a major screw up this year, you think to yourself. Then your parents decide there could be one last holiday taken as a family before the year ends. Now something to look up to.

But the family vacation doesn’t go as planned. You are being pursued by someone who you assume is gay. Your sister is really losing her nerve to hold it together amongst her aloof husband and boisterous kids. Your mum might have mistakenly invited her younger lover over. And your dad’s girlfriend hops into the picture to further complicate the sleeping arrangements.

Is everyone in need of a Christmas miracle or what?

Because whatever happens, chip in a snowstorm and extreme weather conditions and you are foreseeing a disaster.

Thea’s life summed up for your delight.
My Review
I liked this book.

Great storyline. I was a sucker for the whole plot. Who knew Christmas could get this disastrous? Girl thinks she’s crazy for not warding off the advances of a gay man. Girl struggles to keep herself in a celebratory spirit after being dumped by her boyfriend. Girl wishes her family would just suck it up and not fall apart this Christmas season because they might be the only cause for her to be happy. A star to the storyline.── ★

Thea is much like your everyday self or friend or sister who has no kids and always get snubbed off by mums who tell her she has no idea what being a mother entails when she’s a teacher whose job is to control hyperactive six-year olds. Very relatable when you consider that very moment you are dumped by a guy who you thought could be that happily-ever-after one so you cut your hair, dye up some strands pink, (record heart-breaking solos with your guitar), and not bother whether you care not. A star to her.── ★★

Other supporting characters––like Anna, the (grand) mum in constant thought of whether her family would approve of her boyfriend; Mike, the (grand) dad battling with keeping her over the top girlfriend under control; Emily, the sister who wouldn’t just suck it up and enjoy the holidays because she’s in constant fear of what her husband’s ignorance might get her kids into; Mr. Over The Road who can’t keep his tongue out of throats that aren’t his wife’s when given a little drink. A star to these characters.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I really, really wish I could have loved, loved it. It had such a funky blurb I was expecting so much more. The humour could have been revved up, the pace could have been quicker, the suspense could have been more engaging.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

Judy Astley’s latest is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a festive title this holiday season. Anyone who could do with a little miracle could also pick this title.

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