Book Review: The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans

MY Synopsis
Imagine This: It’s 1930s, Germany is waging war over Spain and Paris is still the heart of haute couture on the globe. Think Chanel, Think Hermes. And think you, with dreams of establishing your own successful fashion brand.

You might not have the income, or a lover as in Coco Chanel’s case, but you sure do have talent. And you are looking for that one little break to shoot through the ranks of fashion’s elite. But dreams and talents do not put breakfast on the table of you and your fragile grandma, shitty jobs do.

Then suddenly, a task falls in your lap. Your boyfriend has managed to pull a gig that would grant you the opportunity to be all that you want. The task? Copy the whole spring-summer collection of a renowned fashion house. Every detail. Down to every thread. The result? So thousands of fakes could swamp the New York ready market for cheap counterfeit couture. The prize? A lot of money.

It’s all a very easy-task when you are plunged in the fashion house to act as mole.

But things wouldn’t be as easy as you assumed. Because you might find it difficult to gain the trust of this theatrical designer, you might be fighting off the advances of one model’s dangerous boyfriend, you might be having your thoughts constantly wrapped around an English Adonis reporter who promises a second date but disappears, you might face the threat of being arrested by the fashion police. And as though all the above isn’t scary enough, there’s a killer on your tail, threatening to make you disappear if his demands are not reached.

In a world of lies, deceit, hatred, love and haute couture Alix Gower must keep her head in the game or lose it––literally.


I loved, loved this book. So you know in my review I’d be yelling at you to go get it.

Girl wants to succeed in fashion, Girl is giving the most treacherous task, Girl needs to keep her mind focused on her family, a possible love life and her life if she wants to live long enough to be a name on every fashion enthusiast’s list. Amazing strory-line! Who really doesn’t want to read about 1930s popular culture teamed with some good, old vintage love story? A star to the story-line. ──

An enchanting heroine! Alix Gower might not be today’s it-girl, but she sure is a force for the Kardashian sisters to reckon with (except when you consider the bootay). You’d love her passion to survive in the cutthroat world of fashion, you’d love her sense to pick the style of clothes down to every detail metres away, you’d love her artistic talent to design something fresh, and her ability to predict future trends. Not to portray her as a die-hard, fashion girl––which she is, you’d be enthralled by her curiosity to tie-up the bits and pieces of her shattered past, and her intelligence. A star to the lead. ── ★★

A terrifyingly addictive plot! You wouldn’t want to put this book down. All through it, you’d be swishing from foot to foot to let go of this book so you could go spend the rest of the holiday festivities with your family. High levels of suspense and intrigue to get you flipping for more even though you’ve completed your reading limit for the day. ── ★★★

Marvellous supporting cast! There’s Verrian, the hot English reporter who would never call in time for a second date. There’s Monsieur Javier, the theatrical talented fashion designer. There’s Mémé, the secretive grandmother who worries Alix is quitting a shitty job for a shittier one with long hours and peanuts as salary just to chase her dream. There’s Bonnet, the artist friend who’s bad enough to keep a secret after a little pint. There’s Madame Rey, the nosy concierge who probes too much into Alix’ love life. There’s Serge Mantel, the persistent model’s boyfriend who has very strange tastes in bed.  Madame Kiplin, who reminds you of a pretentious socialite known to wear only counterfeits. Rosa, the landlady with witty sayings and quotes who deserves a twitter account. Loads of other characters that are amazingly developed. ── ★★★★

Humour ── ★★★★★

My rating: Obviously a five/five star book. And it’s not every debut you could label a five-star read so applause to Natalie Meg Evans.

Natalie Meg Evans' fabulous debut is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about the hip, vintage world of the 1930s, anyone who wants a title laden with suspense and intrigue and anyone who wants a story with an engaging lead enough to keep you awake through 500 pages.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on goodreads.

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