Book Review: Cure For The Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

Imagine This: You are in between cities and in between boyfriends. Kind of easy when you are a flight attendant, jetting all over the world seeing new places and new hotties. Currently, your number one flavour is a pilot, who pilots your plane, until he breaks your spleen and then your heart.

You thought you were invincible. But why does this breakup hurt so much? Perhaps you are not used to guys ditching you? Or this triggers a childhood memory you’d rather want buried. The only solution is to run away, regroup, and get back on your feet.

But where exactly could the newly-dumped and single find refuge without bumping into senior citizens walking hand-in-hand and staring at one another longingly?

Delaware, Black Dog Bay, centre for the recently heartbroken.

With the Eat Your Heart Out bakery, Better Off Bed and Breakfast, and Whinery Bar, what’s not to love about this place with likeminded heartbroken tourists and a sexy mayor who doesn’t want to give you an hour of his Friday night. Yes, you are back on your feet again, and getting the mayor to lose his chip on his shoulder and go out with you would sure keep you occupied and away from moping around with Kleenex.

But the baddest bitch in town is out to get you and keep you away from your mayor and is willing to take the whole town down. It’s not like you want to even spend all your days in Black Dog Bay anyway, or that you might actually be falling for the mayor. Which you are not, really. So you could just leave all of Black Dog Bay behind, your new friends and life and just fly somewhere else. Like you always do.

Then you see the Black dog, and your priorities change…

Summer Benson’s life summed up for your delight.

So you would like the storyline of this title. Girl gets her heartbroken, Girl retreats to breakup central, Girl picks up new life with new friends, new enemies and not forgetting a new love interest. Girl must decide if she should triumph over love or let herself be overcome by it. It’s beautiful, and with an engaging plot that’s full of heart and fast-paced, there’s really no putting this book down. A star to the storyline. ── 

Summer, the main character is plain likable. Has a cynicism towards love that isn’t off-putting (because how many of us haven’t had our hearts broken?), funny and with so much spunk that gives this title lots of attitude. You would love her for strange advices on how to hook the perfect guy, you would love her for her penchant to rob clients to pay hairdressers who are in dire need of the tip, and her dislike for anything formal and black-tie. A toast to her! ── ★★

Other characters make reading this title also fun. Hattie Huntington, Black Dog Bay’s no.1 bully (who would sue a saloon if an employee mistakenly splashed nail lacquer over her lids). Hollis, Black Dog Bay’s number one bookshop owner, stocking her shelves with body-rippers and self-help. Jenna, owner of the Whinery, who has the best gloomy song for every right moping mood. Ingrid, sister of the mayor who doesn’t know a thing or two about using facial wipes (how much more makeup?).  The mayor, Dutch Jansen, who lives up to all your expectations as women in need of hot distraction from your monotonous husbands. Jake Sorensen, Black Dog Bay’s acclaimed rebound guy on call to rip off the little pieces band aid (and clothing) after your breakup. And the ever-persistent senior citizen constituents who wouldn’t give Summer and our mayor sometime alone if they hardly ever come close to getting any. ── ★★★

Funny and ridiculous, I laughed at lots of moments. A star to the humor. ── ★★★★★

Now, I liked this book. But I really wished I could have loved it. Throw in a few plot complications, make it less predictable, and it would have been just fan-freaking-brilliant!

My rating: Four/ Five stars.

Beth Kendrick’s Cure For The Common Breakup, your fun-packed rom-com this Christmas, is available on amazon.

Can’t wait to ravish New Uses For Old Boyfriends (by the same author, of course) coming up 2015.

I recommend this title to anyone who has ever been a flight attendant or would love to be one, anyone who loves a heroine who lacks all the innocence of an English rose, anyone who loves their chicklit with ridiculous humor yet having lots of heart to make you swoon when the final page is flipped over.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on goodreads.


  1. I read this last summer (by the pool.......sigh). I know that I enjoyed it, but thanks for the refresher so I could remember why :) I'm also looking forward to her new one coming in 2015.

    1. You did?? I am glad you liked it! I liked it too! New Uses For Old Boyfriends is good from the excerpt I read.

      Thanks for stopping by.