Book Review: Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron

My Synopsis.

Imagine This: You are early twenties, a fashion student and you have a fetish for men with beards (the longer the length measurable in inches, the higher the attraction). New year comes with resolutions to be good at what you do (fashion, making the routine calls to your mum and meeting up with your friends for a girl’s night out). Of course, if a good man comes by, you could ditch your celibacy and stop shagging anything without beard and perhaps think of a more stable relationship.

Your life isn’t perfect. Or even what you hoped for. But at least, you’ve got friends who arm you with lots of their opinions on sex, relationship and men enough to get you writing an advice book. You’ve occasionally ‘interned’ for fashion designer who knows your name whenever he needs you on the job. You’ve got a paying job with a boss who you do not want to admit you have the hots for, and might also have the hots for you too (what with him not having a beard and all?). And you have been sleeping with this struggling musician from a band with a nice beard and a nice face. You wouldn’t want to think you are serious with him. But the relationship (or call it whatever) has passed normal Fuck ‘Em and Ditch ‘Em phase.

But then something seems missing in your life. Something you’d rather want than what Guy With Lots of Beard can give. Something you would want with clean-shaven boss but you wouldn’t admit. Until another lady comes in the picture.

But could your happy-ending be beyond gaining the man of your dreams (which you are nowhere close to), dumping the beard in your bed, or something more?

Georgie’s life summed up for your entertainment.


The storyline of this book was good. Girl going celibate because she gets dumped, hurt and heartbroken by men who are complete tossers, Girl works hours to bring out her fashion line in fashion school, Girl meets OK guy, Girl settles with OK guy, Girl has perfect guy in sight, Perfect Guy might have another girl in sight, Girl wonders if she’s really meant to choose OK because that’s better than choosing perfect and getting dumped amidst lending a sympathetic ear to the complicated problems of her friends. Beautiful.

Georgie had so much flesh as someone who couldn’t be fictitious. I’m not sure, but I felt I was reading the exact life of Elizabeth Aaron, like a memoir of the sorts. So there was no point in just enjoying the story, but having this connection with the main character as you would someone in real life is just super. From her lengthy thoughts on relationships, sex, and men, you get the feeling you are not reading just a book, but reading a real-life story penned in a book.── ★

The other characters made reading this title too worth it. From Georgie’s mom, who’s bent on letting Georgie forgo a degree and pin down that man for marriage. Georgie’s dad whose story with her mum and his mistress I enjoyed most. There’s also Sarah (the loud-mouthed friend), Henry (her boyfriend) and Alistair (her teenage ex she was having an affair with) whose drama I adored. Julian (the snotty gay friend), Theo (his boyfriend) and Marco (the co-worker blackmailing the former if he didn’t have sexual relations with him he’d make him lose his job and the love of his life). Beardy (the dodgy asshole kinda boyfriend), was an all-time jackass who stirred up emotions in me that kept me seething with anger throughout the novel. Scott (Mr. Scottish Perfect) also held my interest too. A star to the characters.── ★★

Humor was good. How could it not be if you had the world’s funniest, most opinionated friends with a hilarious take on mostly sex, relationships, men (douchebags) and feminism. I looked forward to Georgie’s night outs with her friends.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I really wanted to ‘love, love’ it. It had a good take-off, but then interest petered out as things became a bit monotonous, but raced towards some parts of the middle to the end.── ★★★★

My rating: Four stars (4/5).

Elizabeth Aaron’s fine debut which borders more on real life than it does on fiction is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion or not. Anyone who wants chick-lit that seems more true to life or not. And anyone who wants one of those titles with a perfect end (because everybody really loves a book with a perfect ending teamed with reader/character fulfillment).

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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