Book Review: The Shaman And The Mafia by Elizabeth Upton

Imagine This: You used to be a nun, hiding your voluptuous curves in the drab outfit. So now that you are no more a nun, still heading a drug centre which has all freaks and junkies trooping in every minute, you have every right to flaunt your curves, right? Know about sex, about men, gain some sexual experience, spend some time with a man intimately, right? But for some reason, carnal desires be damned, you are working your ass off to get a degree in family law and already have your hands full combatting drugs, drug lords and shady cops who can think of nothing but having their way with you.

Then your partner in battling drug crimes dies.

His brother, an FBI agent with a thirst to revenge whoever mutilated his brother is introduced into his life along with his sexy assistant. Instantly, the attraction between you and him (the brother) is, um, nothing you’ve experienced before. Soon, you two are shagging. And the sex is, um, nothing you could have experienced before.

Perhaps you two could write your happy ending. But, what with mafia looming in at every corner, bullets being shot at everyone, a serial killer who won’t stop till he gets in your pants, your boyfriend’s increasing need to get his brother’s killer behind bars which eventually leads to less time spent by you two, what with everybody’s life in danger? And most importantly, what with you curious about how sex with other men would feel like?

Marietta’s hellish life summed up for your delight.

I enjoyed reading this book.

Nun de-nuns, Nun devotes her life to fighting drug crimes in her locality, Nun makes an encounter with hot brother of her dead friend, nun wonders if she should explore her sexual freedom before she ties the knot. Lovely storyline. And with crime and danger lurking at every corner, what more do you need? A star to the storyline.── ★

I love that this book touches on themes which aren’t new but queer: Spiritual Healing. I don’t think I have ever read a women’s fiction title that explored the supernatural world of a shaman and his healing techniques in the form of visions and dreams. It opens the reader to a whole new dimension in which souls must be purified, spirits of death must be driven out and troubled minds find rest. Amazing input in a story filled with mystery and suspense.── ★★

The characters in this book were also interesting to read about. From the main, 
Marietta the nun whose karate classes did come in handy (and who you don’t have to be a previous nun before you could relate to her!). Raymond, the FBI Director boyfriend who knew the best date you could ever take a girl is over the skyline of New York City. Jerry Young, the sexy, Casanova assistant to Raymond who’s emotionally detached and troubled by past incidents. Barney, the P.I who’s hunting skills couldn’t be as good as his culinary skills. Gina, Marietta’s friend who is always around in times when our lead needs some advice (about sex, clothes, men and relationships).── ★★★

The suspense in this title was, um, very suspenseful. I loved how Elizabeth Upton made this crime novel as fast-paced as watching a CSI episode (Miami, not New York!).── ★★★★*

Now, I loved this book. Had a very emotional ending that shocked me. But I would have ‘loved, loved’ it if the blurb wasn’t packed with too much spoilers.

So my rating: 4.5 stars/5

Elizabeth Upton’s suspenseful latest is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their Women’s Fiction packed with crime, suspense, and anyone who is curious about nunnery and dating an FBI agent.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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