Book Review: What Nora KnewBy Linda Yellin

My Synopsis.
Imagine This: You work with an online magazine. All your boss passes on for you to handle is the shitty assignments. Of course, because you cannot tell her if you want to try on the new sweat-proof panties you’d book a holiday for yourself and go hiking in them. All you want is a column.

You are given a column.

All you want is a column you want to write. Whoever said romance and chivalry was dead must have been looking through the window from his studio apartment to your neighbouring own watching you and your boyfriend, um, co-exist. But then your boss decides to give you a column about romance which you, um, once knew about.

The thing is, you’ve tried romance, you’ve tried the jitters, you’ve tried all the sparks-fly crap. And in the end, it left you signing the divorce papers being divorced from, um, someone who handles divorces for a living. Now all you want is to just be comfortable with someone you love. Or at least think you should love.

Then you meet a sexy author who gets ladies’ panties thrown in his face all the time. You hate that he’s romantic at all. You hate that he’s a successful writer which you bet he slept his way around to get there. You hate that he loves Sleepless In Seattle and says all the things ladies want to hear. Except you.
Except you, right? Because the last thing you want is romance. You are perfectly fine with a boyfriend who keeps turtles he makes you speak for and talks about the mattresses of his previous girlfriends. Isn’t that the good life? But for a second, what if you want to take a glimpse at what a perfect life can be?
Molly’s life summed up for your entertainment.

It’s a nice thing to read about main characters who are writers. But when they are struggling writers, it’s just so not hard to fall for the whole story-line of the book. I loved the story-line. Girl hates odd tasks her EIC gives her, Girl has to challenge her inner Nora Ephron to come up with something romantic so a topic of a column could be possibly up for discussion with her boss, Girl wonders just how she could pull this romance thing if she wants nothing at all of it. Fabulous story-line.── ★

Who really, doesn’t adore Nora Ephron?── ★★

So you know the main character, Molly, was a winner with me. You would love her voice, her humour, her kill-joy attitude towards anything romance-related. The nicest thing about Molly’s voice which I’d love to put across is, she didn’t make this book feel like a story, it felt personal, like her life was an opened book in front of you to enjoy and relate to. A star to her.── ★★

Some of the characters in this book made reading it fun. I loved Kristin, Molly’s friend going through guys and sex on Match.com and constantly reminding her she’s not happy. Angela, the compulsive tweeter who would tweet anything she considers tweetable. Molly’s mum who just decided catering for family holidays and being a conventional mum had to go because none of her diners were worthy of slaving hours for. Russel, the OK-boyfriend who would flare up for telling him chiropractors aren’t doctors. Cameron, the annoyingly romantic writer who wants to charm the pants off our lead but wouldn’t go outright to admit it.── ★★★

Humor, check, check.── ★★★★

My rating: Four stars.

What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin’ is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their chick-lit laced with humour.  Anyone who loves Nora Ephron. And anyone who is a (secret) romantic at heart should read this fun, rom-com.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on goodreads.

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