Book Review: Three's A Crowd by Edwina Darke


My Synopsis
Imagine this: You are the junior of a pain-in-the-ass editor of a publishing firm who secretly covets your hot boyfriend. Your life is perfect with Girl’s Nights Outs with your network of friends, even though occasionally you get stood up on dinner nights by your perfect boyfriend who’s slaving hours at work. Your relationship with your family is hardly ever-noticeable in the life of a thirty-year old New Yorker, except if you consider your mum, but wait, which chick-lit character doesn’t hate their mum (when the feeling is also mutual with her too?). Luke your old time best pal, who you are unsure if you love him more than you do your boyfriend, has moved in. Crisis.

Suddenly your perfect life doesn’t seem so perfect anymore when a reputable Hollywood Bad Boy is introduced into your life. You are to help him write his memoir which could be the making of your career, but only if he ever submits any pages. While you are fighting tooth to nail with him, putting your career on the line, your relationship with your boyfriend on the line, your relationship with your boyfriend’s mother on the line (if ever there was one), your clean slate with New York paparazzi on the line, there’s got to be a way to handle your problems and come out with your relationships unscathed and successful but Luke your flatmate isn’t helping when he’s being such a darling (as well as a serialist letting girls sleepover—this you don’t mind because you have a boyfriend).

Well, in all, you’ve got your friends. Until they’ve also got problems of their own.

Enjoy Elan’s life as she navigates the rough waters of her career, friendship, love, and being attracted to a lot more than two men in this sizzling and delightful tale set in the racy, fabulous, sleep-depriving New York City.

I loved, loved this book. So you know in my review I’d be yelling at you to get it.

Beautiful storyline. It’s fun reading about girls with jobs-to-die-for. Kind of reminds you of The Devil Wears Prada age where chick-lit was about girls with dream-careers that excited its audience, and the challenges these careers held that only made them seem more crave-worthy. So Girl has a boyfriend who hardly spends time with her but is generous with the gifts and the occasional dinners at exotic restaurants, Girl is undergoing days in Hell with her boss and a client who just won’t cooperate, Girl goes home to find her childhood best friend and crush bedding other women in her apartment, Girl has friends who have problems of their own which she must see to despite the handful of problems she has with her chaotic life and the press. Amazing storyline. The fact that it was set in New York City, revealing all the hotspots, made the whole reading experience surreal and entertaining..──

A star to the main character Elan. You’d love this Aussie taking a bite of the Big Apple. Witty with wisecracks that get you chuckling, a beautiful voice that makes reading this novel a breeze. You’d relate to her a lot when she channels your inner girly Carrie Bradshaw with enough spunk and attitude strutting the streets of New York meeting friends, going on dinner dates with Mr. Big and indulging in a love triangle with a flatmate (if Carrie Bradshaw ever had one). Cosmopolitans, kitten heels, eye-dropping outfits tackling work dilemmas, relationship dilemmas, as well as dealing with paparazzi who want to get her on front pages of tabloids instead of the side of a bus—Elan is lovable that way!.── ★★

The other characters were also as fantastic. From Lily, the best friend having relationship issues with her boyfriend Marcus who doesn’t really understand why she’s  keeping him away from her family. To Vassilissa, another hot super-model friend who’s got lots of ears to lend and lots of Vodka to knock your sorrow down with. Rox Wriothesley the Hollywood Bad Boy always in time to show up in fashion’s most disastrous creations enough to make our lead recoil in repugnance. Luke the super-charming flatmate who values Elan more than the numerous girls he shares his bed with. Polly, the office bitch from hell who reminded me a lot like Bitchy Barbara from Carrie Diaries. You would also adore and hate GeGe, our lead’s mother always in time to engage in a dissing battle with her daughter. I loved all the characters in this book. They made this book crowded, and exciting just like New York is with friends and the random people you love..── ★★★

I loved that this book was deep, and emotional. This side to the story was very unexpected. And I loved how Edwina Darke portrayed it even though this dark side wasn’t really our lead’s predicament..── ★★★★

The humor, was on point. The suspense was on point. Predictable at a time, but just when you think you’ve figured the whole story out, the carpet is yanked from beneath your feet..── ★★★★★

In all, it was a fantastic debut. I was going through the low-kindle tolerance phase till I decided to give this book a try. And I was very disappointed… because it surpassed all my expectations.

And my rating is definitely: Five out of five stars (and it’s always hard to find debut authors that get such high-ratings from me).

Three's A Crowd is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their chick-lit set in the fab New York City. Anyone who loves chick-lit which gives them a reminiscence of the amazing The Devil Wears Prada/Sex And The City age. Anyone who just wants to Keep Calm and Read Chick-lit That Entertains (them), should definitely get this title.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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