Book Review: No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday by Tracy Bloom


Imagine this: You have a not-so-great PE instructor boyfriend, eight years younger, who just won’t pop the BIG question.  But you are content, really. It’s not like you want to get married and live a dull life and become part of a couple who after two years do not even have sex and care about B.S. You want to live life like the fun Katy you’ve always known yourself to be.

But then you get knocked up.

Now your priorities shouldn’t change even if there’s a baby involved. Until you notice the baby bump and realize, oh shucks, I am really having a baby. But that’s not your biggest fright. Your biggest fright of all time is walking into an antenatal class with your boyfriend and meeting face-to-face with the guy who might have knocked you up after your high-school reunion. With his wife. Who’s also giving birth. To twins.

But that’s not your most awkward moment.

His bossy wife wants you as a friend, since you happen to be the coolest girl in an antenatal class full of knocked-up teenagers discussing ways to tie the football captains who knocked them up down with marriage and fatherhood responsibilities. Now you have to sit at a dinner table, with the guy who could have been The One You Let Go Away (BECAUSE HE CHEATED ON YOU), his manic wife who’s way into discussing college choices before the contractions even begin at twenty-four hours apart and also your boyfriend who won’t quit making immature jokes (because he isn’t really that mature). But it’s all fine, you would pull through. You always do.

Until sauce pours on The One You Let Go Away’s shirt, and his wife takes off the soiled shirt right in front of your eyes. You notice his amazing body which can always stand up against his teenage version’s and win. But your boyfriend notices the tattoo on his shoulder. The exact tattoo you also have on the same spot…

Now, if you want an awkward moment… there’s more to come.

Katy and Matt’s fucked-up dilemma summed up for your delight.

I liked this book.

The storyline was amazing. Old sweethearts now turned sore-eyed towards each other meet at school reunion, have sex, suffer the consequences of having affairs behind the backs of their current partners, yet again wondering if they were meant to be or not meant to happen at all. Brilliant. A star to the storyline.──

A star to the main characters, Katy and Matt. Told in third-person perspectives of each, you would find yourself taking a liking to Katy for being fun, fearless and funky (factors that are so hard to find in pregnant women these days). I think the story really made it because of Katy’s sense of humour and personality. Matt was good, but too boring and uptight in a way that would get readers creasing their brows to his perspective. A good thing considering that was what Tracy Bloom wanted to achieve for the marvellous ending she was plotting.── ★★

The other characters in this book also made it worth reading. I loved Ben, Katy’s boyfriend for making it clear why no one should really have sex on a Tuesday and also for pissing me off sometimes and making me laugh as well. I loved Alison, Matt’s wife for being such a pain in the ass to our leads talking about college and college application for her twins even before she wasn’t sure she’d have a successful delivery. I loved Braindead, one of Ben’s close mates for being well, brain dead.  And lots of other characters that made it a hit, like Charlene the teenager from the antenatal class who wanted to tie down her boyfriend with marriage. Daniel, the creative director extraodinaire (said in the way a gay guy would like you to pronounce), and Katy’s workplace confidant who always seems to be the single woman’s best plus-one for weddings. A star to the supporting cast.── ★★★

Now this book was mind-blowing because of its ending and the suspense that grips you towards reaching there. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat and chewing on my lower lip enough to leave bite marks as I read on. A star to the perfect rom-com-ic ending and the great suspense.── ★★★★

Now, I liked this book. But I wished I could love, love it. It really did have a funky title, blurb and storyline I wished the author could have made the story itself funkier, bringing in very humorous moments (and not ones that only make you chuckle).

So my rating, four stars.

Tracy Bloom’s No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday is available on Amazon. You can also pre-order her latest, I Will Marry George ClooneyBefore Christmas, another funky title with a funky blurb I can’t wait to devour.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their chick-lit very rom-com-antic. Anyone who loves their chick-lit led by humorous female leads should get this. And anyone who just wants a good time should also get this title.

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