Book Review: The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me by Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice.



Imagine this: You are me. I certainly do not have the biggest shoe size. But do you believe in the myth?

Anyway, I grew up in a small-town called Mothston. And I live in a town called Mothston, with my dad. Not your ideal date, really, am I? So when my dad decides he’s laying me off to get a boat, I’m suddenly rethinking all the choices I have made in my life; especially the one about thinking he needed me most when mum died and never left because I didn’t want him feeling alone.
Suddenly I can’t wait to leave my small town, my annoying friend Kev, and my unfulfilling job as a teacher for the big city. London seems like a nice start. But you know who else is in London?

Imagine this: You are me. But you have big boobs to fill. Stash in some ice cream cones and stare yourself in the mirror.
 I so wish life was easy as it was the days in high-school. With Alex Patrick Tyler everything seemed easy until that day I walked into his room and tried to tell him my real feelings for him and… shit happened. So now I am in London, not living my dream to travel the world and see places and open my bakery house. I am a P.A. And if that isn’t shitty enough for you, I am banging my boss and fighting to keep it a secret from all my co-worker friends pretending I’ve been single for nine months so that no one views me as the slutty secretary who was secretly getting banged by her boss in hopes for a promotion.
I think my life is pretty perfect. Not how I hoped it would be, but OK. Until I receive one email from Alex stating he is moving to London.

I want to tell Holly I love her but she looks happy in London with her secret relationship with her boss. And I am happy for her. I really am. But why do I feel it’s me supposed to be The One. And why doesn’t she always look my way for once since I am always the first person she runs to (even when she has a boyfriend). I know she hated Shakespeare back in school but I thought every woman was supposed to have read, Emily Griffin’s Love The One You Are (Most) With. So why won’t she ever consider that I could be the guy that makes her happy?

When I think of Alex, I think of this sweet OCD guy who overanalyzes the very simple things too much. And I know he thinks of me as just another friend who cries on his shoulder. But what if I want more that a secret affair with my boss? What if I want Alex? But why doesn’t he ever make the move? Or perhaps not saying I love you really means there’s no love at all?

Alex and Holly’s lives summed up in this romantic comedy about second chances, soulmates and loads of cluster-fuck situations concerning ‘The One That Got Away’.
I loved, loved this book. So you know in this review I’d be screaming at you to get it.

First of all, I detest gender-benders. I don’t know why this book was written this way. But I am surprised Laura and Jimmy pulled it off so well for me to love, love it. That’s saying a lot! The style of writing was just off the hook. And the sync was amazing despite two people wrote it! A star to amazing writing.──

Secondly, I am a sucker for storylines like this. Think of Alexandra Potter novels about soulmates and The One(s That Got Away) and add a male’s perspective to the whole shebang. Girl and guy were friends since childhood, girl leaves town for big city, guy rejoins her in her totally different life now, girl wonders if guy was the one she let go away, and guy wonders if there’s room in girl’s heart for him at greater ratio than friendship. Adore it! So star to the storyline.── ★★

Oh, you would so love Alex and Holly. Their voices very humorous and fresh, light and new. Perfectly executed to embody individual traits to make each character stand out. There’s no take-the-guy-side or take-the-woman side. Both are charming and you would definitely be cheering each of them on to go get it! You would love Alex for over-analyzing things and making very intelligible comparisons of everyday life activities to situations. You would love Holly for her strong sense of denial and her determined voice to speed-up her relationship with her boss. A star to the main characters.── ★★★

Now supporting cast doesn’t disappoint. It’s so nice having each character play a role that affects the relationship of our two mains. You would love Jemma the office co-worker for her inability to keep secrets and her funny approach towards relationships. Jemma is one of those lovely supporting characters who steal the show of the mains during red carpet events. You would also love Holly’s mum for being persistently indirect in her requests. You would adore Kev, the shithead and amazing friend of Alex who pisses you off mostly with his sexist comments and makes you think him adorable a few number of times. Richard the boss, you would not like him so much for being just too perfect. Leah and Susie, the amazing warm and cold-hearted (respectively) friends of Holly since college. Melissa the office bitch you would also hate. Harold, the female cat whose wisecracks are every spinster’s dream. So much more characters I can’t go on and on about. So I’ll just deposit a gold star here and move on.── ★★★★

Amazing, the end. Typical Rom-com. Great suspense. Predictable but leaves you with a sense of unease (that’s what most predictable books luck that make them bad, unease). You’d keep asking yourself really if what you think is going to happen. And like every amazing Romantic Comedy (except Twenty-Seven Dresses) you get that chest expansion that makes you want to do the whole book over again (like it was Sex And The City 1).── ★★★★★

So my rating, obviously a five out of five stars. (and it’s not always you can give debut authors five stars)

You can grab The best debut that ever happened to me on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their rom-coms. Anyone who wants something a mix of chick and chap-lit. Anyone who wants something about soulmates and The Ones That Got Away should get this too.  Oh, and if you love cats as much as Holly does, get this book too. It’s always nice to read a good chick-lit with your favourite pet in it. (I hate cats).

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