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My Synopsis
A seven year old girl woke up tasting blue berries and peaches. And that was the beginning of what turned out to be her life? Or was it a curse? She didn't know, but it defined her. It was a mystery to everyone else but the Cuthcart family. It was called the Knowing. Knowing what? How to make delicious mouth-watering meals off head without being taught a thing? Or knowing exactly what to make before it was ordered? An extraordinary gift.

But the unfortunate happened and her Dad died, and soon after, her Mother’s broken heart failed to beat. The Cuthcart girls where devastated, orphaned at such young ages. Their grandma took them in and the ‘Knowing’ became intense with every passing day. She moved from single treats like cupcakes and pies to whole meals. Then her Grandma died her sisters moved away and continued with their lives and so did she. She married a two faced manipulating gold digger, who wanted her to be a normal woman. And so the knowing was shelved away, and she focused on playing the role of a politician’s wife. While the douche fucked her best friend and divorced her leaving her penniless.

She leaves for the Big Apple where dreams come true and slowly she lets the ‘knowing’ overwhelm her, and the magic is back in her life. But this time Portia Cuthcart enjoys the best meal of her life and this time it was not made by her, it came from love.

A twelve year old girl walks in on three sisters having a time of their life, the way her family never did after the death of her Mum. Her dysfunctional family, headed by a workaholic of a Dad, a rebellious teenage sister, an adventurous Uncle and a really strange Grandmother. A family desperately in need of fixing, and a good meal from the lady in the basement helps draw the family closer. But a family this ripped apart needs more than food to repair, some old wounds are opened, and scary skeletons pop out of the cupboard.

But the glass kitchen with its glass walls reflect the mistakes and heals a lot of wounds.

I loved this book, I know it sounds like a clichè, the way a lot of reviews start. I felt excited reading this book not only because I love food and I love cooking but I was amazingly drawn in.

The intensity with which the first chapter drew me in was amazing. It felt like a really nice movie from the box office. It flowed very fast almost running. And briefly telling the story of the ‘knowing’.
And then it slowed down and I began to really enjoy the book.

Portia was an amazing lead character in the glass kitchen. It would be fun to just wake up knowing what to make. Great Characterization. Ariel the extremely intelligent and witty Daughter of Gabriel Kane the weirdly handsome guy in an off-center way. And Miranda who is cute in her own extremely strange way.

To top it all of it had amazing recipes for all meal-loving people like myself.

You would love this book  by Linda Francis Lee

Rate : four stars /five stars

The Glass Kitchen is available on Amazon.

My work not done here. Handing my review over to Kobby so he puts it up on Goodreads.

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