Book Review: Love and Chaos by Gemma Burgess

In a story of fashion, friendship, and natural disasters, love does triumph all, really... and a determination to keep trying.


Imagine this: You are twenty-three. Crap. YOU ARE TWENTY-THREE! Fresh from the university thinking life is going to get better―the jobs are going to get better now that you have a degree to brag with, IN YOUR FACE EMPLOYERS! Or maybe let’s make your life a lot less shittier by taking away the certificate and making you a dropout with hopes of making it into the fashion world.

Uh-oh. Total screw-up.

Total screw-up, Angie’s life is. In a city that uses its youth like Kleenex and throws them out onto(!) garbage cans, only to give them a little hope to be blown a little by the wind… then swept off fiercely from an old lady’s garden apartment, that’s how much Angie feels about her shitty not-really-that-big apple life. I mean, why wouldn’t you also if your parents are divorcing and do not find you worthy enough to break the news to you, your early life till when you decide to get serious was just you being teen and living out your days carefree only to be taken advantage of by the rich-kid-type boys who for a chance you thought loved you,  a ‘boat’ boy who you just want to keep being friends with but he or you―a teeny, tiny part, albeit―cannot seem to get your head isn’t in the right place for love, fashionistas spitting you out like a strand of hair, giving out coffee to people who wouldn’t bother glazing over the resumes you sent them out with, and making a living off folding clothes!

Really? Wouldn’t the world give you a break? Wouldn’t New York give you a break?
Crying out loud who knew landing a job in fashion (without a degree―but you sure have the good ol’ guy called Talent) could be this hard?

And just when you think your problems aren’t domestic at all, you have a bunch of friend roommates to come home to, who are either going through their own drama or putting you through some!

Angie’s life summed up for your deeeeelight!

I loved, loved this book! So you know throughout my review, I would be screaming! ──

Examination week, people! I loved the whole idea behind this, you know. Friends, New York, Sex and The City, Carrie Diaries, The Desperate Housewives… (no scrap the latter, I’m going off course again). It’s amazing, really. We all dream of taking a bite of the Big Apple and most of us would love it if we have our friends by our side going through the sometimes exciting most times shitty moments, but no, we do not get it that way most of the time… because we haven’t even reeked up enough funds in our glass purses, how much more think of taking on Big City with our friends. Gemma Burgess, with the crises of these twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, nails it on the head for selecting the right material we can yay to and sashay to the next Barnes and Nobles store, or actually get it here. ──★★

Examination week, people! I loved Angie, her voice! Wild, fun, fearless, romantic at heart… really how many twenty-somethings cannot relate to her and keep this list going. For a series description like this, the challenge is to keep each girl unique yet fun-to-read about. Now I haven’t read the first installment on Pia, but I did read the snippet excerpt chapter attached to it and new she was way different from Angie. A thumbs up to Gemma! ──★★★

Examination week, people! Not only Angie, but the other characters made me find it hard to put this down. From Anabel, the overbearing mother who embodies every other thing one of those Real Housewives are. PIa, her own drama with her boyfriend and her take-charge attitude was a thrill to read about. Julia, who was always had our lead girl’s back even when it was far out of reach (perhaps in the Carribean). Coco, the youngish sis of Julia who had the tear ducts of Joan Rivers’ boobs (that’s a big thing! But mind you, not fake). Madeline the on-and-off bitch roommate who just wants to be a friend but doesn’t know how to (control her sarcasm). Gabriel, the super-rich gentleman who for some reason I wanted to be the ‘hero’ in the book. And Sam, oh, Sam. My eyes would have been rolling to the back of my head now if I was smitten by his charms, you ladies would, trust me! It’s a characterization party in here! I loved each and every one of them. ──★★★★

Examination week! And I couldn’t put this book down. Full of so many OMG moments enough to keep me on the edge of my sun lounger (God, I miss summer!). Full of so many uplifting lines and scenes that made me assured that, I might worry so much about my future for if I’d be doing my dream job (writing), that all I need is just one (fucking fantastic) break, and that break would come surely, but I should never give up just like Angie never did. (And surely, after I closed this book it didn’t take an hour for me to receive a call from a CEO to one of the biggest advertising companies in my country I’d emailed my manuscript to, and who knew I’d land a gig as a copywriter! So you should know why this book, Angie and Gemma Burgess would forever be ingrained in my memory!) ──★★★★★

My rating: Five/five stars. 

I loved, loved this book (and I hug the paperback every now and then when no one is looking.)

Love and Chaos by Gemma Burgess can be purchased right below in both paperback and kindle. You could also pick up the first book in the Brooklyn Girls series about Pia (though you do not need to read it to understand this, but I say, STILL GET IT!)

I recommend this book to anyone who is in fashion and wants to remind themselves of the insane struggles they went through to get there. Or anyone who’s not in fashion―yet(!) but wants to be uplifted by sensational so relatable literature. Anyone who’s just searching for that dream should also get this book and hold on to it. Guys, this is a new direction to New Adult chick lit that blew me away, and if writers follow this trend, New Adult books would be read more often. So by that, I mean, any woman (or man) who loves their chick lit non-New Adult-like should grab this.  

I could go on gushing about this book till day break. But you’ve all got jobs, you know? And if you still are searching for that job, my advice to you, KEEP CALM AND READ LOVE AND CHAOS.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.

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