Book Review: A Jersey Kiss by Georgina Troy

Imagine this: How would you deal with being left with a house that is tearing down, a mystery that you cant seem to figure out, a nasty divorce with a cheating, greedy annoying  jerk of a husband? And right after the death of your dearest Mum-like Aunt, you lose a child you would soo love to have and cherish through a miscarriage?
And what with falling head over heels, madly in love with a hot sizzling  Adonis contractor, hot as sin Mm hmmm. You just know you cant have because he is trouble, hot as he may be.
Oh, not forgetting you have an annoying Half-Sister who would just not bugger off, and your cruel devil of a stepmother who would stop at nothing to make your life hell. And of all the days to get married she chooses the one day you would be saddest and miserable.
And it turns out that your hot bloke all in control ex-boyfriend/boss who you thought was soo perfect is really a horrible, selfish person. Good looking on the outside total crap on the inside.
When all else is hopeless you can only turn to your closest friends... but it turns out they have problems of their own and can't afford to help in anyway.

And what the fuck could the "Jersey Kiss" be? And why the hell is your Aunt going on and on about it in her will when in your messed-up life you cannot even relax and enjoy a simple kiss? But I tell you, not too simple if the demigod of a contractor is offering it.
All the above pretty much sums up all the drama in Beatrice Potter's life.

              My review
I loved this book a lot, Georgina Troy kicked it off perfectly and I must agree with Christina Jones, it was Enticing, Enchanting and Intriguing. Even though for a million dollars I wouldn't want to be in Bea's shoe's, never. But then if she had that much money she wouldn't be having those problems anyway. And she would have paid that jerk of a husband off, and keep the house she loved soo terribly much.—★

What a way to start a book, very interesting and I loved it, wouldn't fancy being caught in nothing but a towel that barely covered me up, it would be horror for those poor contractors with all I have going on(lol) (Sandra happens to be those thick, beautiful and size 18 types). But it was very interesting how she pulled it off nicely. Very chic thumbs up Georgina—★★

Another interesting part of this book that made it phenomenon are the characters from the jerk of an ex- husband who made Bea's life miserable, to her Cruella--StepMum who pushed up the competition and hatred between Bea and her sometimes annoying sometimes super sweet half sister Mel, to the Funny dramatic gay friend Paul not forgetting Shani with all her boyfriend drama. And who would have thought that Tom the hot responsible bloke was actually a crook,oh the drama queen/model Leillanni and how can I forget sexy Lukey(lol). Soo amazing these characters.★★★

The suspense was definitely and without question off the hook, Just like Paul, I hate not knowing something and I would never have guessed what the "Jersey Kiss" turned out to be, really nice. Oh and the Leillani and Luke situation, at a point I kind of thought that they were really going out. Sweet suspense loved it.—★★★★

Even though I thought the romance could have been more intense and it could have gone laugh out loud funny, overall I loved the book and I think Georgina Troy did a great job . Awesome book you should definitely read it for yourself.
Rating: four stars/five stars.
 A Jersey Kiss by Georgina Troy, as Sandra called it, soo amazing, is available on Amazon.
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  1. Wow, I love this review so much! Thanks very much for reviewing, A Jersey Kiss, I'm thrilled you enjoyed reading it Sandra. Georgina x