Day In The Life: Filipa Fonseca (Author of The Strange Year Of Vanessa M.)

I call Filipa Fonseca my jewel because she kick-started my excitement for blogging and changed my perspective of indie chick-lit.  From her published titles The Strange Year Of Vanessa M. (formerly published in Portuguese and adapted into English) and Thirty Something, I am a sucker for her themes mostly about divorce, happiness and starting over when you've hit rock bottom.

If like me, you've been wondering what the Portuguese acclaimed and Giving-English-Authors-A-Scare author does in her free time, here you have it. Fonseca, take it from here:


My day usually begins around 8am with my baby calling for me. Since he was born I never had to set up the alarm clock again. Then it’s the regular family routine: dress up, eat breakfast, feed Gucci the cat, prepare meals, leave the house, return to the house because I forgot something (the cell phone, the snack bag, the wallet, the sunglasses...), get on my bike and leave to the office.

I work full-time as advertising creative. I specialize in copy-writing and my daily tasks consist in creating engaging and (hopefully) not-too-annoying ad campaigns for different products such as beer, computers, banks or even cars. I work with my art director and long-time friend Sofia, who also illustrated the covers of both my books. It’s wonderful to work in a creative atmosphere of an advertising agency. 

My Bike

Whenever I have a long break (waiting for a client’s reply, for instance, which sometimes takes more than a day) I put on my writer’s skin: write down ideas, short stories, blog entries, respond to fan email and promote my books online. When I’m writing a book I take those breaks to edit what I wrote the night before or finish a chapter. Sometimes it’s annoying not being able to write my books whenever I want or feel inspired, but I learned how to live with that. I would probably have a few more books published if I wrote full time, but I still need this job to pay the bills. 

Me And Gucci

Around 6pm I go home, grab my baby and go to the park. When we return we go back to family routine: grocery shopping, baby bath, make dinner, set table, do some laundry, clean baby mess, put baby to bed and finally lay down on the couch. That’s when I close my eyes and think about my stories, the ones I have to make time to put down on the paper somehow. At least until my husband sits down next to me and kindly demands his share of attention.

Me And My Books

Mummy Time.

Hard? You bet. But while I can’t control my brain and tell him to stop inventing characters and stories, that’s what I’ll do.

 There you have it. Fonseca shouldn't be any stranger to you.

Filipa Fonseca is author of...
The Strange Year Of Vanessa M.
Thirty Something: Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be

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