Cover Reveal: Facebook Jeanie By Addison Westlake

If you haven't heard of Addison Westlake, you probably haven't heard of the term 'Indie Chick-lit'. Her debut, “Christmas in Wine Country” released in November 2012, was a bestseller on Amazon for six weeks in contemporary romance, women’s fiction, humorous fiction and humor with approximately 25,000 copies downloaded.

Addison announced recently that her long-awaited book, Facebook Jeanie, would be released in both kindle and paperback on the 1st of October.

Though this books seems like it's being released around Christmas era, you can be assured that this is no seasonal read... unless Facebook in December is more appealing to you than sitting and dining with family.


Blurb:Ever wonder if you made the right choice? What if you could go back and find out?

31-year-old Clara is in a steady relationship—with Facebook. Every night after her depressing bureaucratic job (so much for saving the world), after coming home to her empty apartment Clara settles down with a pint of ice cream for some good, old-fashioned Facebook stalking. It’s her college boyfriend, The One Who Got Away. He now has a perfect marriage, perfect house, perfect life—everything she could have had if she hadn’t been so, so stupid.

But, wait. Jeanie from Facebook shows up at Clara’s job. There’s a new app they’re beta-testing and Clara’s perfect for it. That night she clicks on it and… nothing happens. But the next morning when Clara wakes up at noon, hung over, listening to her roommate blow-drying her hair and singing “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, she realizes she’s back in college. With the chance to do it all over again.

Back in the world of frat parties, BFFs, and long-suffering, overlooked lab partners, join Clara as she discovers what it really means to hit the reset button on life. What could possibly go wrong? And, this time, can she get it right?

Message from Addison Westlake
Hello to all the fabulous readers and writers at Chicklit Pad! I couldn't be more excited about my new chick lit ebook "Facebook Jeanie", coming out October 1st, and the amazing cover designed by MCM Cover Design. It’s Bridget Jones meets “Groundhog Day” as 31-year-old Clara uses a new Facebook app to go back in time for a ‘do over’ with her college boyfriend, The One That Got Away. If you’re in the mood for laughter and romance, check out “Facebook Jeanie” for a yummy sweet treat of a read.

With a cover like that, I am so fired up to get to it right away. Stay tuned to check out my pre-release review.

Addison Westlake loves to meet up with readers, writers and all lovers of the genre (whatever you might be). And she's known for lots of flattering remarks. Get to her at:

Her Site and Facebook

In the meantime, you guys can get yourselves cosy with Christmas in Wine Country available on Amazon.

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