Book Review: That Scoundrel Émile Dubois by Lucinda Elliot

Blurb: When young Sophie de Courcy, bored but patient companion to the Countess of Ruthin, agrees to marry her long-time hero, dashing French rogue Émile Dubois, she is catapulted into a dangerous world of Man Vampires and Time Warps. With the help of Agnes, her no nonsense, tarot-reading Welsh maid, she must come to terms with his scandalous past, help him defeat the evil Vampire neighbours and help Émile escape from the machinations of time which threaten to destroy their new found love. All this in just one book!

'Scoundrel' is an entertaining, over-the-top Gothic adventure, alive with colourful character comedy as it flits between Revolutionary France and misty Wales.

 ....and I thought no one nails Vampire fiction than Maggie Shayne. (Hello, Lucinda Elliot.)

An undead hero so full of himself (yet so hot) he fits the Vampire with Shiny Fangs category. A heroine so self-conscious but drop-dead gorgeous (though she doesn't see it). With Chemistry so raw, Sophie and Émile Dubois make the best pair.

This book is written beautifully with characters interchanging between French and English. Only Lucinda can drop in Francophone phrases and translate them without making it pass on as unnecessary repetition but essential for mood emphasis.
The language is rocked with inversions yet so simple to understand. Archaic style of writing at its finest.

Set prior to the French Revolution era when having tarot-reading as well as funny servants was an aristocrat's only dream. Think  Lords, Carriages and Queen Anne-style architecture. The visual imagery is evident in making this a fun read. With precise description of Vintage gowns, you'd think Lucinda took a course in haute couture.

The book starts off with a prologue that sprouts up questions in the readers' minds as soon as they begin chapter one. The prologue stands as a fast-forward into the future compelling the reader to read on in order to investigate how the two wounded up in such situation. Effective creative writing technique employed by Elliot.

Counts. Vampires. Necklaces. No Holy water (thank God!). And definitely no garlic (ugh!). Sophie is jobless (but that isn't saying much since all the women in historical romance are). She's left her brother's home due to the ill treatment of his wife (because she isn't 'making herself useful') and she's with Lord Ynyr, Count of Ruthin who is in search for his countess. 

He's mysterious, good-looking, dresses well and has great skin. Still, Sophie can't make out that men so hot with penetrating green eyes are vampires (duh!). He's got no blemish (except for his bad temper). Which (self-respecting) lady wouldn't lift up her skirt to that? Two Words. Sophie de Courcy!
It's amusing when she's taking her chances with the Count of Ruthin, Emile is seething as to why she refuses his proposal at first. "Perhaps, she likes you better as Gilles Long Legs." George, his man servant suggests referring to Emile's alter-ego, Gilles Long Legs, who is just so 'Raaaar'(sexy) than the real Emile.

To be honest, the opening chapters were a bit boring. But the subtle humor of the main characters themselves along with their servants, George and Agnes (tarot-reading Welsh maid) propelled me on.  Another character you would adore is Miss Mowerna with her flirtatious advances towards both (!) men (Lord Ynyr and Emile). Sophie appears to be jealous of her (but she won't admit it).

The antagonist, Kenrick should be the most thrilling antagonist I've read about all time. Another (eee-vil) vampire causing the transition of many characters in this book from human to Immortal (if you know what I mean). His wickedness would be such a turn-on to anyone who adores masochism (like I do).

You'd love this book for the numerous funny scenes, its adorable hero, the self-conscious heroine and the fierce combat between Emile and Kenrick and the rising suspense as it nears the end. The only reason you might hate this book is if you wish to be in Sophie's place (Not me. Pink gowns with deep cleavage are not my thing).

I did love this book when I committed to it (I was a bit reluctant because I don't do Vampires). The blurb reeled me in.

Writing a review for this book was difficult. It's hard not to reveal all the shocking moments the blurb doesn't add (no one likes spoilers)...

My rating: 3/5

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